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Maximus VII GENE CPU cooler (heatsink) compatibility

Hey all, newcomer to the forums. I really love the look of this motherboard but I was wondering what CPU heatsinks it will support. I know the 212 EVO will definitely fit but what about larger heatsinks like the Noctua NH-D14 or Deepcool Assassin? Th...

What voltage stabilizes the RTC?

My problem is that with my current 4.65 clock, I get this error message from the Firestrike test Time measuring inaccurateand the nice friendly guys at FutureMark state in their FAQ this means either I tried to cheat or I have a broken mobo or I have...

Windows 8.1, Hero VII and BSODs

Tell me what i can do. 4790k + Asus Hero Vii (bios 1404 lastest). When i try install Win8.1 (or during install or after install), times through the time when you reboot hangs and crashes BSOD error (page fault in nonpaged area (storahci.sys)) Error c...

digweed by Level 7
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Who's doing it wrong, M7F, HWMonitor or me?

I am having a problem with sensors in cpuid hwmonitor.When I first built this system around 3 weeks ago, I did all the usual post build stability tests, using among other tools, hwmonitor.At that time and for aorund 2.5 weeks through all tweaks, hwmo...

Rampage IV Black Edition Infinite Reboot Issue

Hi, I have just configured a new PC with the following configuration:- Rampage IV Black Edition - Intel i7-4930K 3.4GHZ- Zalman NPS9900 Fan - 4 x 8 GB Gskill F3-2400C10D-16GTX 1.65v (XMP Ready)- Evga GTX760 4GB - Silverstone 850W Strider Gold - Act...

aasimon by Level 7
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Formula-Z 3 pin Fan Control

Hi,i just ordered a Formula-Z. As to upgrade my PC further i plan on getting 4 Yate Loon D12SH-12 (Rad).These have only 3 pin connectors and are the loud ones but work 3v-12V. I just want the headroom getting the 2200RPM ones.But i cant find fan cont...

Help, BIOS fan settings dropped at OS boot

I don't want to use any software to control my fans. Instead I want to rely on the BIOS fan profiles.I ran the QFan tuning and set the correct PWM/DC modes. I checked and fine tuned the manual mode and it seems like a reasonable curve for 24/7 use.Ho...

need help crosshair v formula-z fx8350

okay, i wouldl ike to say thanks to anyone reading this who can help me fix this sack of ****ok so ive put my system together, lets just say im not a twat and all my parts are compatable and that i have plugged in all the cables ect. all my parts are...

noddyuk by Level 7
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Samsung Magician 4.3 causing BSOD

I just installed Win 8.1 on my new Samsung Evo 1TB SSD with my Gryphon Z87 MB with all MB drivers and software. I installed the magician software first and did all the settings etc without issues. then I did all other MB drivers and device driver/so...