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ASMEDIA Sata Express ports issue

Hi,I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue, also hope I have posted this in the correct place.I'm having problems with the ASMedia sata express ports on the Asus Maximus Vii formula z97 (Latest Bios)In the manual it refers to them as Sata6G E3...

maximus hero vii weird problem.

Hi . I tried the search but my issue hasn't come up 2 month old build with no over clocking.Maximus hero vii lga1150Corsair h105 watercoolerAsus GTX 780tiI7 4790kCorsair vengeance pro 16gb ramSamsung 840 pro ssdEvga supernova 1300g2 power supplyThe ...

Hero VII Sound: How do you connect?

Hi folks!I completed my first ever build of a computer and I am happy to say that it is all working wonderfully. I have the Maximus Hero VII board and I had a question about how you all are using the sound. I recently purchased a set of Definitive Te...

Using Bios Flashback.....problems.

Formatted a USB stick, renamed the .CAP file, used the BIOS renamer as well but when I go to update the BIOS it just keeps failing. Can anyone shed some light as to why? No CPU is installed when I do it but still no love.

Killa82 by Level 7
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VII Hero, New install, some issues...

Hi All,This is my First ROG board, so first of all Hi! I am not new to building PC's, I started out with a 386, had a fair few Asus boards over the years but this is my first ROG, I am pretty pleased with it but have a couple of issues.OS Windows 8.1...

DaleR by Level 7
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Impact VII?

So all the 7 series have released and become available, and the X99 series which was a completely new chipset, but what happened to the Impact?I have an all my components and case waiting for your motherboard! Any clue when we will be able to purchas...

TUF X99 with Thermal Armor?

So I've been poking around and was wondering if we have any news that may hint at a Thermal Armored TUF X99? I know about the regular X99 and ROG X99, but i want some armored X99 love. What you you guys think? OR do you have any juicy info that you c...

Myyrs by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme - tricky boot behavior

This rig is 4.8G OC Prime stable (also passed the ROG test etc.), and it's running 24/7 @ 4.7G rock solid. No crashes or any troubles, and I'm running pretty heavy software on this rig.However, once in a while (very rarely), it'll stall on reboot in ...

WillyK by Level 10
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