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Crosshair Hero VI / H100i gtx overheating

As soon as i turn pc on, it's getting really warm cpu temps of usually 60-70c+ on going into bios (sometimes as low as 55+ at first).Also pc is regularly freezing or turning itself off at 75 or 80c. Sometimes on start-up bios says cpu temp error.Pc w...

pnx235 by Level 7
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Rampage III Formula: BIOS @ 801, No Intel RAID

i7-920 on Rampage III Formula. BIOS @ 0801Anyone encounter a situation where selecting RAID in the BIOS, during POST, there is no Intel RAID options? I can't even CTRL+I.I upgraded to the 903 BIOS. The Intel RAID was there, configured RAID, but when ...

TrevorK by Level 7
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B360-F ROG Strix - No booting.

Hi everyone, I'm here in behalf of my friend (he does not speaks english); As the title of this thread says his computer is not booting and I think it is a problem with the BIOS because it happened to me once with a CrossbladeRanger motherboard and y...

ClouD3d by Level 7
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Z490E Wifi 6 slowing down during the day

I've got a Z490E rog strix gaming motherboard and Comcast Internet. I used to use the Ethernet but recently switched to the included WiFi 6 antenna and for the last few days, my WiFi speed drops from 550mbps to 40-50mbps. My iPhone/iPad read 550mbps ...

jfpadg by Level 7
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tuf x570 aint too tuf part II

asus tuf x570 plusryzen 9 3900xasus GTX 970corsair vengeance LPX 32GB ramevga supernova 550w PSU120gb ssdI power on computer and windows 10 boots normally to ‘scenic’ login page.Then when I press any key or click mouse screen gets black and computer ...

No Sound from Rear Speakers on Ranger vii Mobo

I have a Ranger vii mobo with Logitech Z506 5.1 speakers running win 10.Many times the rear speakers stop working over the last couple of years and just get noise coming from them. I have in the past been able to solve this and get them working. I ha...

Strix Z270H Gaming Sleep Issue

I purchased this motherboard with a processor used on eBay. Ever since I have installed it, I cannot get the unit to properly sleep. The screens shut off, but the power light stays lit on the case. I have to hold the power button 5 seconds to have...

tuf x570 aint too tuf

Tuf (LOL) x570worked fine for about 3 weeks.today I powered it on and I heard a little ‘plink’ sound. . . and that was it.Went no further; no post or fans . . totally quiet. Only thing alive is the mobo LED’s Need advice.