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Keybot not working properly, needs update?

Keybot Is not working properly, whenever I have the keybot software turned on my Corsair K70 keyboard is unresponsive when resuming from sleep/hibernation. I have to unplug the usb and replug to regain keyboard function.Also the keyboard led's never ...

sdmf74 by Level 11
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Nightmare with Formula VII - Dead RAM, maybe more.

TL;DR: Motherboard Q codes randomly of 99, AE, D7, A2, escalate into 30, 00, 55 and my RAM is suddenly dead.So here is a long tale of what has gone wrong over the past two weeks with this motherboard.I installed a custom water loop with no problems, ...

Jamolas by Level 7
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How to build Raid 1 from an existing disk

I want to migrate my media archive to new Raid 1 on MF6 mobo. However, the Intel bios option doesn't seem to allow for building the mirror from an existing disk. I don't want to accidentally erase the original by Creating New Raid Volume.Am I missing...

tocguy by Level 9
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Maximus IV Extreme P67 BIOS question

Hey guys, I'm wondering if I flashed to the newest BIOS version for this board (3604), would it give me any problems since I'm using a 2600k Sandy Bridge CPU? I'm currently on BIOS version 2001.I only ask because ever since I've had the board I could...

ASUS Maximus VI Forumla Z87 w/ bent CPU pins

I need some advice as to what to do with an ASUS Maximus VI Forumla Z87 mobo with bent CPU pins. In short, brought this mobo for my first build. On first boot got a error message pertaining to my ram slots. Switched around the ram sticks until it boo...

42098 42097 42096

Asus Maximus VII Formula problem turn on

Sorry for my english.When I turn on my PC, it connects, disconnects and reconnects normally.The error of the cpu fan appears. If you clear cmos, it usually connects without disconnecting and reconnecting but the error of the cpu fan that forces me to...

[Help] No video signal

Hi!I have 2 Pc's and I just changed the gfx cards between them. However the gfx does not output a videosignal to my monitor.Specifications:Maximus VI HeroGeforce asus directcu ii 580 gtxcorsair ax750I reseted the bios and even updated it.The fans are...

Maximus VII Formula Sound Connected via Bluetooth

Hello, I recently bought the Maximus VII Formula and I was wondering if I'll be getting the full effect of the advanced sound card equipped on the Maximus VII Formula if i connect it to my speakers via Bluetooth. Thanks for your replies!

PaulHS by Level 7
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