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Maximus IV Gen3/Genz, no PCIE 3

Hello,My motherboard is on the latest BIOS update but still the PCIE information shows as 2.0 x16.I tried running a stressing test as per GPUZ recommendation but still the same.This motherboard is supposingly pcie3 enabled, is it not? Same thing happ...

Seithan by Level 7
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Maximus VI formula A boot error

first up, first time here, so hello everyone!i've bought recently a ROG max. VI forumla A.with an i7 4770kwith the ideia of starting my OC experiencies for once, bought the ROG, after seeing the watercooling sockets, cuz i'm thinkin' of going full wa...

SkorpPT by Level 7
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Maximus V Formula PCIe problem

Hello everyone!Excuse me for my bad english, I'm not native. It's my first post in this forum. I could not find a solution to my problem in other threads of the forum and decided to create a new thread.I recently bought ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA. I need...

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DeVOLT by Level 7
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OCZ Z-DRIVE 4500 2,900MB/s READ PCIE SSD Can I boot

Do any of you guys have experience using a pci-e ssd as a boot drive with the rampage IV extreme? I want to use an OCZ Z-Drive to boot off of.Currently I'm using the UEFI bios, do I need to use a legacy bios, will it just show up as an option then un...

Crosshair V formula really anoying issues

Hello all,I have Crosshair Formula V mobo like 2,5 years. And constantly have same issue with "Overclocking failed! Enter bios... etc etc", after that I press F1 followed by esc, discard changes and boot very well to system (win 8.1 x64), even if I n...

ahmicm by Level 7
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Maximus VI Extreme MEI Firmware Downgrade HELP !!!!!

Hi dear R.o.G. forum.Few days ago I bought a Maximus VI Extreme which works like a charm. Unluckly I decided to upgrade mei firmware to 9.1 but after successfully flashed it I noticed the BCLK issue of 99.8 MHz, no matter if I put 100 MHz or more on ...

Dead Maximus VII Formula??!?!?1

Hey All,So I am having some problems with my build Asus seems to not have any replacement stock of my bord so im SOL right now figured id goto the forums for some help.My BuildMaximus VII Formula Z97Intel 4790K @ stock 4.0Corsair H110i water coolerCo...

Crosshair V Formula - Only 2 of 4 USB3 Ports Working..?

Hey guys! I'm having a bit of an issue with 2 of my USB 3 ports on the motherboard.The two lower USB 3.0 ports seem to work without a hitch. But the upper two ports don't work at all. I tried two external hard drives with USB 3.0 connectors, and even...

Question about ASUS Maximus VI GENE + mPCIe Combo

Hello Everyone! After researching for almost a week i couldn't been able to find information about how the specs and how the technology of the mPCIe Combo Card works ... So here i am asking for some little help for the experts As you can read in the ...