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RIVE UEFI version?

Does anyone happen to know which UEFI version the MOBO RIVE has? (something like 2.x.x) Would this depend on the BIOS installed?

neyuru by Level 10
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Need Help!! BIOS updated, raid killed

I solved my own issue... leaving this as a little guide to perhaps help someone else.Hi all and thank you in advance....I'm running the Maximus VI Formula and I just updated the BIOS to 1603. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.It's been around 8 mon...

Broken PCI-E Clip On My Maximus V Extreme

I was having a good day until I tried to remove the sound card on my MVE. I pressed down on the clip and the f'n thing popped off. I don't press hard. Tuns out that one of the notches that keep the clip locked into place has split off. This is actual...

Snaptrap by Level 10
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RIVE - Win 8.1 - secure boot

Hello all, from the research I have done, I am leaning to beleive that the RIVE can support Windows 8.1 with secure boot enabled. But just to be sure, I'll greatly apreciate if someone confirms this. thanks.

neyuru by Level 10
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cannot update Intel 82583v onboard LAN driver to latest one

Hi,Just got my brand new CHVF-Z board today, came from an old CHVF with an Intel 82579v LAN I 've just tried to update the drivers from intel and went through the choices to find my driver downloaded it and ran the PROwinx64.exe it got to the point o...

SaLSouL by Level 10
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New Twist in Q Code C5

I am preparing my mobo for rma,because the q code C5,no matter what,always comes up the C5,no signal in the monitor(for more details of the problem,please check the old thread Q Code C5)In a desperate measure i changed the ram sticks(i already done t...

Mikemex by Level 7
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Turbo Core overclock stability test

Hi, I am trying to venture a bit on the overclocking side of things with my processor without changing any voltage. I'm not an expert in overclock, but so far I figured that if I don't change the voltages, the components won't be damaging themselves ...

Xarick by Level 7
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Asus ROG - MAXIMUS VII RANGER - first install issue

Hello,I installed this motherboard and I get a very strange issue. When I turn on my computer, it prints multiple Q_codes before getting to A2 then nothing happens. This is when I connect ma SSD and my HDD to the motherboard. If I disconnect the SSD,...

Best RAM for maximus iv extreme Z

Hi guys,So I kept getting BSOD constantly to the point it would not let me on the OS. I found out it was two of my RAM cards. I removed 2 of my RAM so now I am on 8Gb now and its working fine.this is my current RAM:http://www.scan.co.uk/products/16gb...

JAz8671 by Level 7
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