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Prime TRX40-Pro ECC Memory Not Working Properly

Motherboard model: Prime TRX40-ProUEFI Version: 1101 (latest as of this post)CPU: 3970XMemory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: 8x16GB (128GB) Kingston KSM26ED8/16MEGPU: GTX 1650SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: Samsung 970 EVOOperating system: Microsoft ...

KaziQ by Level 7
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Issue with Add_header port C6H Extreme!

Hello ASUS,I've got recently brand new ROG Crosshair IV Extreme x370 Mb and second last bios 7704, because when i've try to have your ROG Adressable Led Strip 60cm + 30 cm versions it disappear by itself from latest Aura Sync software Lighting_Contro...

E33et by Level 7
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motherboard serial number mismatch

Hi, I just bought a new ASUS Prime Z390-A motherboard from Amazon and had it installed for me by a computer builder. Everything works fine, but I just noticed the serial number sticker on the board is different from the serial number on the box. W...

5930ל oc woes

5930kX99m ws (latest bios 4001)4x8 corsair 32001080tiShort story: Ican pass two hours realbench stressing at 4.4 and 4.2. However, when I play a game, ie death stranding, pc will crash with bsod whea error. No oc on gpu, only cpu. Crashing will go aw...

Can't disable Secure Boot on Asus Maximus VII Hero

[[/edit MAXIMUS VII Formula, not Hero, was a mistake]]As title says.Tried everything.First i tried to look up directly from windows for the UEFI Firmware Settings but obviously the option wasn't showing.Then i went into my Maximus VII Formula's BIOS ...

Rampage IV Extreme - Will not TURN ON

Hi Guys,I need some thoughts as to what the problem could be here.The other day I was using the PC fine playing a game. Switched it off shutdown FINE.2 days later (Yesterday) I pressed the power button on my Cooler Master HAF X and nothing happend.I...

Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming support ECC memory?

Hi,I just bought a pair a 16Gb VLP memory Unbuffered ECC memory modules for a project Im working on. I installed these new sticks but the system doesn't boot at all, no post, no sounds, nothing.I cleared the CMOS but no success, so it seems this boar...

sfgdh by Level 7
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Trying to update bios for b550 gaming

Just built my pc for about 2 weeks. it usually runs fine, but once in awhile it just stuck in bios, not able to find boot drive.Wondering whether it's a bios issue, currently on version 0608. Now there are a few more bios out but release date is all ...

hayhayc by Level 7
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ROG X570-E QCode FC

I have this build over a month now and running Windows and MacOS on it. Last night, I was on MacOS and I noticed that QCode shows FC, normally it shows AA. Any idea what FC means? Manual says it's a 'Reserved for Future AMI error code'. Anybody encou...

darrix by Level 7
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