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Maximums VI Formula Graphics Problems

I have just rebuilt my system using an Intel i7-4771, 16GB RAM (Crucial Ballistix) and an Asus Maximus VI Formula motherboard and running Windows 8.1. I have been unable to install an optional graphics card. I tried initially to install my old Rade...

Exosome by Level 7
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WS SAGE 621E Take 2!

Hey All;Just got a brand new WS 621E Sage MB, loaded it w/ 1 @ Xeon Gold 5118, and 1 @ 32Gb Samsung  M393A4K40CB2-CTD RDIMM; Both are the "supported" list. It powers on, and hangs at BB system memory abnormal. I don't know  what version of BIOS it ca...

Problem with starting the motherboard

I'm having trouble getting my motherboard to boot and it's driving me crazy. For several days now, when I try to turn on my Asus Maximus VII Hero, the code display and the housing backlight come on, and that's it. The code display shows 00, and often...

mar0n by Level 7
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Cannot get back to bios but can boot to windows

I have an ASUS Pro art x670e motherboard and I can’t seem to get into the bios since overclocking the ram to 6000mhz. it boots to windows fine but no matter how many times I mash the f2 and del key it won’t go back to bios. also tried from windows wi...

BIOS Aura Settings and Ejectable Drives / Removable Media

Hi everyone,I came across an interesting issue where if I have Aura lighting enabled in the BIOS,2 of my drives show up as removable media within windows 10. The drives are connected via a SATA expansion board that plugs into an m.2 slot. Just wonder...

DTM450 by Level 7
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H81M-K beep error boot and reboot

Good morning,I have an H81M-K motherboard that has been experiencing the following problem for a few days: when turned on it produces a single beep and restarts in an endless loop always producing the single beep.I proceeded to change the RAM module,...

Rampage IV Extreme losing settings after power off

I now have 3 boards with the exact same problem, Rampage IV Extreme, Z87 Pro, Z97 Pro. All operate properly so long as the power doesn't go off. When power goes off, bios is reset. Can't find the problem, it isn't the cmos battery, I actually have ch...

billydv by Level 7
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