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Help with Volts when I overclock

When I raise the cpu ratio my Hero z97 motherboard automatically raises my volts above 1.3. When I run a burn intest the temps will rise to 100 c and then crash. When I go in and try to adjust my voltage to offset or to adaptive the volts are to low...

Maximus VII Impact TrueVolt?

does the impact support Truevolt? I know the Hero doesbut can't find anywhere about the impact supporting itreason for is I have a USB DAC which im currently using with my hero vii but im moving to a Mini ITX build

Asus11 by Level 7
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M7I M.2 compability

Does anyone knows for sure, which M.2 (both SATA and PCIE based) SSDs that is compatible with M7I??I try'd a Crucial M500 M.2, which didn't work. But I'm yet not sure if it were a DOA SSD, or it simply isn't compatible by the mobo. (HD_LED on the mob...

Mihel by Level 7
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Maximus Hero VII and Windows 8.1 Pro crashing.

Hello,I've lately assembled a new pc, the memory cards I had before.First thing I did was to load bios defaults enabled X.M.P and everything went fine. The second thing was to enter EZmode bios loaded defaults and then in the upper right corner I cli...

Adaptive voltage not working

Greetings,I'm using a 4790k on my VII hero with BIOS version 2012 and I noticed adaptive voltage is not working at all.No matter what I enter in "Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage" (tried with multiple values between 1.10 and 1.30 with offsets v...

Hello - New to ROG stuff and have a problem with sound

I've got a Rampage Extreme IV mobo (at least I think that's what I have according to CPUZ)I've plugged in my speakers into the coloured sockets at the back of the board but I'm not getting any sound from them Green Orange and black leads plugged into...

mccawpa by Level 7
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4770k overclock help

hi,i have a 4770k (not sure of batch code as its lapped and i forgot to write it down) and was wondering if i could get a bit of help, from the resident guru's, as i have become quite perplexedsystem is as follows,4770kM6H (1603 bios)16G(2x8) Team Gr...

Maximus IV Extreme - HDD Problem

Hello, I'll keep this to point form as I'm typing on my phone. - 2 weeks ago, random bsod and lock ups started- Tested RAM, HDD, cpu using Ultimate Boot Disc and Window tools. No errors found. - Thought it might be a driver issue as I upgraded my Vid...

Temp102 by Level 7
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Maximus V Formula and ThunderboltEX II

hello everyone, I recently received a Thunderbolt display from work and had hoped to use it for gaming in my spare time. The problem is the Maximus V Formula does not have a thunderbolt port. I was quite sad when I learned that Asus never actually ...

ffevo by Level 7
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