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Powersupply toasted CPU?

Hello all, so today while gaming my computer shuts off suddenly. The Corsair AX1200i has a red light again. Now the only errors I get are B4 or hot plug (with all hardware installed) and----66 with only one stick of ram, cpu+cooler, and graphics card...

slow boot slow windows :D

I have a asus crosshair 5 formula z and the boot is thery slow! I set all the option: fast boot but the mobo and windows is thery slow the time of booting windows ecc. is 18-30 sec

Freezes on Windows 8.1 with Crosshair V formula Z

Hi everyone I hope you can help my with my problem...Anyway, I recently bought new components for my PC, and it goes like this:MBO: Asus Crossfire V Formula-ZCPU: AMD FX 8350GPU: Sapphire R9 290X Tri-x OC versionRAM: 2x4 GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 160...

sabertooth 990 fx pci -e slot stopped working.

Hey guys. Had a few problems today with my mother board not booting. After hours of messing about found it was a vga problem.moved it to another pci-e slot and it works fine.Had anyone had this before? If so what's the remedy for the broken slot if a...

Maximus VII Formula - ASMedia Sata Controller

I have 2 SSD thats currently plugged in to the ASMedia SATA ports. Those SSD are listed in bios and I can see them. I keep getting problems when those SSD are plugged in since my computer don't boot to windows 70% of the time, and refuses to shut d...

Granzon by Level 7
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Hero VII audio...only left channel works....

Good morning everyone!So this happend the other day and I havent come across a fix yet. My right channel just stopped working. I have tried with headphones and two sets of 2.1 speakers. I have uninstalled the drivers and it did not fix the issue. I h...

network card doesn't work from cold boot but will after reboot

I just built this system and when I power it up from cold the network card will not initialize. It won't even show up in the network manager. If I reboot the system it works fine. The drivers initialize and the network card works perfect. I downloade...

scotth by Level 7
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Qled stays on "00"

Hi there ,I got an Asus maximus VII ranger board But im used to see the Qled code on OA but now it stays on "00"everything wotrks fine though but the led code wont changes ...should i be worry'd? i know the code means not in use... but every thing ju...