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SSD (Secure erase) status frozen!

Hallo ladies and gentlemen!!I come to you with an odd problem. A few days ago I managed to (I still have no idea how) get the all might mysearch bar thingy installed on my pc which is a pain to uninstall and after almost 6 months sinds last format I ...

boefje79 by Level 7
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Maximus VII Hero and PCI-e 3.0

Hi all, I have the i7 4790k, Maximus VII Hero (latest bios), and a GTX980 (latest driver)....GPUz states that I am only running PCI-e 16 @ 2.0 and not 3.0..How can I amend this issue and get 3.0 on my top slot..Tried searching and couldn't find anyth...

m7f & strix GTX980

Hello,I was wonderinging why my GTX980 is running PCI-E x1 in a x16 slot. Cant seem to find any issues on the net so i was hoping u guys have a solution to this.Rig:M7Fg.skill tridentx 16GB @ 2400mhz (XMP)i7 4790K @ 4.8GhzGTX980 Strix.Corsair AX860I ...

BIOS not saving OC Profiles properly anymore?

As a note: I have used all of the 8 save slots for the BIOS settings at least once before. Now, when I attempt to overwrite one of them with BIOS settings I wish to save---the new LABEL for the save will change properly, but the settings for the new ...

blppt by Level 7
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maximus vii hero audio surge

Anyone else have this problem, ever so often i m playing a game and the audio gets extremely loud and peaks/cracks for about 5 seconds before returning to normal. It happened with my turtle beaches and also with my sennheisers. With and without using...

BlakeC by Level 7
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A2 with Maximus Vii Ranger

Hi guys, bit stuck with my build.I'm getting the Q-Code error A2. Should apparently have something to do with the Hard Drives.I made sure everything was connected properly. I tried making sure my SSD was connected to the SATA6G_1 slot. I've tried re-...

Tolinn by Level 7
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Microphone Problem

Hey everyone,I just got the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z, and everything is working fine so far. Except for my microphone. I've tried the 3 audio driver's that were listed on the website but none of them helped my issue. (And yes, a reboot every time.....

Zenety by Level 7
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No Bootable Media Found

every morning for the past 2 weeks when i wake up, i have a message that says 'No Bootable Media Found' Please restart your computer or Press any Key to continuein order to get the pc to boot, i have to flip the power switch on the PSU, it then dete...

Maximus VII Formula and Samsung MZ-MTE1T0BW

Will a Samsung MZ-MTE1T0BW, the 1 TB mSATA drive, work with the Maximus VII Formula motherboard's mPCIe card? The specs for the drive show it with a 30mm width and 50 mm length. Can't find anything saying if the drive is equivalent to M.2 just that i...