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Maximus VI Hero boots for one second and then turns off

Hello,So I just finished building my computer and I had got everything all set up and ready to go. i tried to turn on the power and the fans turn on and light up for one second and then it powers down. When I turn the PSU on the ON and RESET button o...

Can anybody suggest memory to buy?

Hi, im upgrading my pc at the moment, Im going for the Maximus VII Hero, with a i7-4790k... can yous suggest good memory for my rig? Im using it for gaming, virtual machines and editing etc... so Im gonna get 16gb, i mget lost with the timings, and l...

Crosshair V Formula Z still freezing.

Greets all. FIrst here is what I am working with.AMD FX9590Asus Crosshair V Formula-ZCorsair H100i Cooler push pull config16gb G. Skill Sniper 2400mhz (8gb x 2)EVGA 780 SuperclockedEVGA 1000 Gold 1000W PSUCoolerMaster HAF 932 with 120mm, 2x 230mmCan...

New to UEFI and to ROG Mobo's but an Asus user for years

Hey Guys, First time posting here new to the ROG edition hardware and definately new to the UEFI Bios, (bit confusing and somewhat overwhelming at times)Ive just upgraded to i7-4790K and a Maximus 7 Hero. Basically its all just set up and I have had ...

Crosshair V Formula not stable with FX 8350

Hi guys, so I recently upgraded my cpu from a phenom x4 955 black edition to a fx 8350. Before the upgrade everything was fine, the 955 was stable at 4x4GHz Cpu clock, 2600NB Clock, 2000HT and with standard mem settings, but I can´t get the FX 8350 ...

justpavo by Level 8
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Should I flash updated bios before build

I'm starting a new build and I was wondering if I should flash the latest bios before putting the cpu, ram etc on the board. The newest bios is 2014/12/04 so I sure my board is not the newest rev. The only thing is the first time I power the board ...

Sudden Code 55 with Maximus V Formula

Hi everyone!My computer has been working flawlessly for about a year now but today while watching a video, the computer froze then started giving me q-code 55 on every reboot. I've tried each memory stick in every slot and still get 55, unplugged eve...

PeterVan by Level 7
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