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Won't post with video card installed

I just built a new PC using the M7F and an i7 4790 as the new components, and I'm using the 16 GB of corsair RAM and GTX660 from the old build. The computer works fine without the video card installed, but once I plug in the GTX660 (and transfer the...

asus rampage IV extreme HW compatibility

1. is this card compatible with the rampage IV extreme?2. is anyone familiar with it?3. can it be upgraded to use all 4 ports?4. available BIOS or FW to upgrade it?Sunsway/ST Lab PCI SATA 2P eSATA/SATA,extra info: ( SiL3512 )it is the cheapest i can...

m0nk3n by Level 7
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3930K C2 Degradation

Hello everybody.I've decided to start this thread not how many for discussion but how many informing X79 newbie users.Since 3930k is the most common chip in LGA2011 line and C2 is current stepping a hope this thread can safe some chips from degradati...

Dartmaul by Level 12
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Cant change CPU Voltage on my Hero

Hello,I would like to change the voltage of your CPU. But I can not change, I enter any value and returns me to "auto".CPU Core Voltage Offset I have only "auto" with gray color.My bios: 2201Please help me.

Piospi by Level 7
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Random Freezing No BSOD

Hi all,For the past few days been really struggling to find out the cause of my computer randomly freezing i have checked everything i can think of but still its still happening. These are my specs: Operating System Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit CPU I...

4790k oc from 4.7 to 4.8 probs

Hi,I am running 4.7ghz at the voltage in my siggy perfectly fine but going to 4.8ghz is proving to be a weird mystery. it basically refuses to load windows with the voltage set to 1.25v. yet i can run stock voltage on 4.7 no problem. do you think its...

Goodey by Level 7
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maximus vii ranger cache voltage issue

Hi, I just noticed that my CPU cache voltage in AI suite 3 is displaying +.025 more compared to what i set. my cache voltage is supposedly 1.175V (manual) but is showing up as 1.200V in both AI suite 3 and aida64Is this normal ? TIA

Moi2x by Level 7
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