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Flickering Horizontal Lines on Screen

Hey, I originally posted this on "Tom's Hardware", but got no responses. I thought I'd try here since I am using a RIVE MoBo, and the screen is an ASUS as well.~So I built this computer about a year ago, and everything's been running fine until a few...

Vga led flashing no post hellp!

Just got my new crosshair board in today. This is the first board from Asus that has no problems and isnt DOA for once.. Plugged up everything outside the case to check and Im not getting any post to the monitor and my usb ports are not working. I ha...

Boot time with Plextor M6e 512GB M.2-2280 SSD

How fast should I expect using Plextor M6e 512GB M.2-2280 SSD as the boot drive? I'm seeing about 12 seconds. I thought it would be faster than that. I thought 12 seconds would be expected for a standard SSD boot.

replacing cmos battery on formula VI

ok for one year my computer has run perfectly. about 2 weeks ago I began to have incorrect time and date settings. then week ago I would boot up and 90% of the time get black screen. I could here windows boot up but no graphics. I then would have to ...

Hero VII RAM and Error 55/Cooler too Tight/Bent Pins

So I have not done much to resolve my issues with my two sticks of corsair ballistixs on my hero VII motherboard which is the code 55 error if I try to put in two sticks but I thought I would ask a couple of general question. Why is it that a cooler ...

Skean by Level 7
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CMS defualt settings

Could somebody tell me what the default CMS settings are in UEFI boot section? I was messing around with them and having trouble getting it back to what it was. I believe that CMS was enabled but not sure of the settings below it.

First boot and failure

Hi. I'm new here. Just build a new pc. - Asus maximus VI impact - Intel i5 4460- HyperX FURY Series 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL10 - msi nVidia 970gtx- Kingston HyperX 120GB 3K SSD- Corsair RM750- Corsair H100iMy first boot ended up with no video ou...

Mayones by Level 7
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(Q Code 55) Dual Channel Problem

I am using the following items.CPU - Intel i7 4970KMotherboard - ASUS MAXIMUS VII GENERAM - Corsair Dominator CMD 16GX3M2A1866C9 (8GB x 2)If I slot 1 RAM in A1 and A2, Q Code 55 and can't post (Seen like Both Slot A is fault)If I slot 1 RAM in B1 and...

ymin by Level 7
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