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M7F 8 & 4 pin ATX CPU power?

On my Maximus VII Formula there is a 8 pin CPU connector and a 4 pin ATX right beside it. I searched the manual and it doesnt say anything of the function for this 4 pin ATX connector?Can anyone help? is it for CPU overclocking? How important is it? ...

Maximus V Issue

So sorry guys, I am kind of new to this. I will try and explain what happened the best I can. So i had a little mishap a few days ago where my cat spilled an energy drink on my desktop. For the most part very little of it got into the tower but unfor...

D3M0N1C by Level 7
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Rampage IV Formula BIOS Update Issues

I bought this board back in 2012 for a 3930k. Used it without issue.I decided to upgrade my system a little last month, so i bought a new MB, Vid Card, and Ram.I gave the Rampage IV Formula to my friend, along with my old ram and video card, so he co...

Rma help

Hi I live in india where Asus is known for its pathetic service, they can whatever want to do for not repairing there mobos.Now my problem is that first time when i rma my mobi was nightmare. After keeping my mobo for months they send it to me unrepa...

Aakash by Level 8
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Enable onboard graphics?

Hi all, I have a maximus impact VII.I was having some issues with my graphics card (GTX 980) and as part of the debugging process I disabled onboard graphics in the BIOS.As it turned out I have had to RMA my graphics card and I need to re-enable onbo...

unfazed by Level 7
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Turbo Speed Problem with i7 4790 on Extreme VI

Hello @ all,I have a problem with the new BIOS 1603 and the speed of my 4790. Since the update, the CPU has a fixed multiplier on 38 @ FSB 100MHz. But the default multiplier by the CPU is 36 and the boost multiplier 40. If the system did nothing the ...

Question Regarding Asus AI Suite 3

Hello everyone,First of all I wasn't sure if i was creating this topic in the right section, if this is the wrong place I apologize in advance.My question is this:I recently bought a Maximus VII Ranger and a 4690k to go along with it. I know that the...

Morais by Level 7
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Stop booting ESATA drive

Hi,I have a rampage IV Extreme motherboard and am using all the internal SATA inputs (see below).I want to connect a hard drive to the esata external port (on the ASMedia controller) so I can use an internal port that its currently on for an addition...

awelect by Level 7
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