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Crosshair V Formula Z 4pin ATX PSU question

AMD FX-8350Radeon R9 290 16GB AMD gamer series RAM1000 watt Corsair PSUWindows/LinuxI've got a new build and I'm interested in how to overclock this thing properly.My system is stable and great, but trying even the most basic Level Up tweak makes it ...

RIVE lag Booting after pressing power

Hi guys, I have the RIVE...I guess its all in the signature. My system has been running like a top for a year. Last month for no reason I can think of it started doing something weird. When I press the power button nothing seems to happen....abou...

Q-Code 00

Hello everyone. I was normally using my pc when it randomly went off, for the firt time after 1 month of life. I tryed to switch it on but monitor says there is no signal...and keyboard is dead, while mouse for some reason is still alive ( i'm able t...

Rampage IV Black Edition random restart / shutdown / reboot

Hello guys!I know that there are other similar threads, but I am now at the tipping point towards desperate.I upgraded from a P9X79 (64GB) to a Rampage IV Formula (32GB) and then to the Rampage IV Black Edition (64GB again) and I have the same proble...

Sihastru by Level 7
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M7Gene + SLI

Since my Z97-WS lost a ram slot or two I've ordered an M7Gene to toy with. Any have experience, good or bad, with SLI'ing on the Gene? I know I'd be going from two @ 16x to 8x but my concern is more with heat.

Heini by Level 11
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New Sabertooth Z97 Mk 1 Questions

I just set up a new rig with the Sabertooth and could not be happier, it is beyond anything I have built in the past. There are several things I hope I can get some help with if anyone has time. To start with, it has two LAN ports, how do I get them ...

Mech by Level 8
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Rampage IV Gene 5 beeps. What does it mean?

This is my work/play computer. For work I run MS office, mail stuff, solidworks (3D), autocad (2D) and photoshop cs6.For game I only play Diablo 3 and BF4. All on max settings and runs really smooth. I pretty much leave the computer on 24/7.So last w...

MCJC828 by Level 7
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Maximus VII Formula has Strange Fan Issue

Just finished my pc with 3 noctua nf-a14 ippc fans for case cooling. Noticed they were extremely loud and went to quiet them in bios. I tried using manual mode, but for some reason, the min. cycle limit was acting weird on two of the three fans. On C...