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M.2 -vs- PCIeX4_1 -vs- MPCIe

Hello all,I have the MAXIMUS GENE VII Micro ATX motherboard and I was thinking about getting an M.2 SSD but I was reading the manual for my motherboard and it describes hows different modes for M.2, PCIeX4_1, and mPCIe slots are not mutually exclusiv...

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Maximus Hero VII cooling question

Hi,I am planning to go with Asus ROG Hero VII which has:2x CPU fan headers (4pin with PWM)and 4x Case Fans (4 pins without PWM). Apparently motherboard controls the fans with voltage. I have few questions with regards to that: What is the difference ...

taksdd by Level 7
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Gene VI, No USB Devices Work Except Mouse and Keyboard

So I have a Gene VI with a 4770K, 16GB Corsair Dominator RAM, Win 7 64bit on 2X Samsung 840 Pros in RAID 0, and 2X 780TIs.I put my computer to sleep every night but yesterday noticed that it was shut all the way off when I came back to it. When I bo...

Maximus VII Ranger: how to turn off USB power when PC is off?

Hello all,As the title says.. I've recently bought a rig with a Ranger in it. My problem is that I have some USB devices attached to it which do not have their own on/off switch. Even when the machine is totally turned off, the USB ports are still pr...

JayPee by Level 7
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VI Hero Boot up issues

Recently i have started having issues booting up my pc and i don't really know the cause.It started with the power button on the case intermittently not turning the PC on, but WoL would work every time. I tried removing and reseating the case power b...

6 hero restarting on boot

Hello to the point my pc which I just setup watercooling in won't boot It hangs on q code 15 for a little then goes up to 71 and hangs again it restarts a second later anyone got an idea. I have re seated the ram and popped the cmos didn't change any...

Maximus Vii Ranger UEFI BIOS: EZ system tuning question.

Hi I've recently started to explore the BIOS settings from my Maximus Vii Ranger motherboard.I noticed there is a EZ system tuning mode.Now it's set to "normal".Would it be recommended to set this to performance?And would I notice any performance inc...