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Crosshair V formula z code 66

Need help. Brand new build, using the Crosshair V board. started up and there is no screen output. I am presented with error code 66.Have tried a single stick of ram in all 4 slots, and have had it tested in another pc using the same board and CPU to...

Understanding BIOS

This board's UEFI (my first) makes my head hurt, I can only make sense of the most basic stuff, even that took time. I'm crazy not stupid, it shouldn't be this hard/weird. Does anyone know a link to something that can help me with OCing down this r...

Help! M7I won't boot after bios update

Hello everyoneI just installed the Maximus VII Impact board, installed windows and everything was going well, until I updated to the latest bios (2102), after the bios updated it went to reset but it never came back now i get no video at all, the q-...

sebas by Level 7
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rampage iv won't boot

Hey, so it's been a while since I build a computer and I'm running into problems just getting this one to start. It powers up and sticks on Code 34, and the vga_led is lit red and the boot_device_led is lit red. No signal of any sort goes to my worki...

Memory for the Maximus VII MB

I will have the maximus VII MB with the 4970K chip tomorrow. What kind of memory should I get. Yes I am crazy and a gamer. I will be running 2 gtx 980's with this system.

Possible faulty mobo

Hello all.I have a small problem with the rig in my sig. Upon booting into windows when loading the desktop the comp plays the device connect and disconnect sound repeatedly for approx 3 mins then runs fine.Its been going on for about a month or so b...

Asus Crosshair V Formula Fan Problem

Hi guys, so i have only noticed it now but my OTP2 does not read RPM anymore i have tried other fans there aswel as PWM ones but still no reading any ideas on what can cause this? the fan plugged in is running though

Temps: FX8350 & Crosshair V Formula Z & Phanteks

Hi All,I just wanted to check these temps are fine:IdleCPU: 28-30MB - 20-24Package: 9-30Load with Prime 95CPU:40 maxMotherboard: 47Package - forgot to checkThis is with a FX8350 on standard clocks, asus crosshair V formula Z and a Phanteks PH-TC14PE ...

CG-88 by Level 7
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Crosshair V paired with NVIDIA 970 GTX

I installed my 970 GTX i purchased and installed the new drivers. However the card suffers from performance issues, many of listed in the NVIDIA forums. I was curious if anyone else here has used the new 970 architecture on their Crosshair board. Did...