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Maximus V Gene Start button light!

So, I just bought this mobo, and I have a case with a mesh screen side panel. I keep this computer in my bedroom, and I want the start button light to shut off when the computer is off. How do I do this?

Maximus VII Impact: won't turn off after shutdown

I have had this problem for over a week now. When I shutdown Windows 8.1 after running for more than 20 minutes, the monitor light goes amber and the screen blank, but my computer is still running. I have to manually shutdown the computer. When I ...

marmup by Level 7
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Problem with GameFirst3 bf4

Hi, recently updated app that v10020 .. the install! .just installed, no run !! bf4 black loading screen gives me more time, join the server but all jerky and packet loss unistall .... and everything starts to work to perfection (only bf4). from the ...

DejaVu by Level 9
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Driver Asus Maximus VI Gene

I have a question that it would be very nice of you if you can help me with: Currently I am using Asus Maximus VI gene mainboard. However, I couldn't find the driver update on the homepage since it is too old. So, can I use the Maximus VII gene inste...

Embarassed to ask this. USB Configuration Maximus VII Formula

Here's my USB settings:Legacy USB Support - EnabledIntel xHCI Mode - Smart AutoEHCI Handoff - DisabledMass Storage Devices: USB Flash Memory - AutoUnder Single Port Control all are enabled. Keyboard works fine when in the BIOS however when I press es...

jmike by Level 7
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maximus VII hero - load OC profile

I tried to load an OC profile I saved a few days ago, the bios is freezing; I wait for about 2 minutes, nothing. I had to reset from the button on the case. I tried 5 times, same result. After reset I still have the previous settings, not the ones th...

koroziv by Level 9
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Install Intel Graphics Accel. Driver ??? Yes? No? Maybe?

Hi,My new system setup is going OK. On the setup disc that comes with the ASUS Maximus vii Hero motherboard, one of the drivers on the list one can install is the Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver.I sure wish someone can tell me if this is needed, wh...

rajkirk by Level 7
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QCode A2 or Qcode AE while bringing up system- inquire within

Hi,Like some others, I am getting a Qcode error AE or A2 I need some ideas and assistance. I will provide what I have and have done.System:Maximus VII Hero motherboardIntel 4790K16 G ram (2 dims)BIOS = AMI Version 2.16.1240 //// BIOS Version 1104x64 ...

rajkirk by Level 7
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