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Dead Impact VII

My 6 months old Impact VII Z97 board seems to be dead. There are no lights at all on the mobo, not even on the red startbutton.Things I have tried:Reseated the 24pin and 8pin power connectorTried different configurations of the ram (1 module, 2 modul...

xman007 by Level 7
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Astro A50 and SupremeFx (z97 impact vii)

I cant seem to get my astro a50 to pop out on supremefx. It shows the optical output but no options for other things like sonic stage and dts. The speakers on the other hand is working fine.Also the astro a50 only works via optical output so it is pl...

M.2 module on COMBO III

Hi,Maybe someone can help...I tried to find something similar, but nothing, so please excuse me if I open a topic that was already opened.It is about the module M.2 on the Combo III. I was very excited about this feature, as I considered that a ssd o...

How to Enable PCI Express 3.0 Bus Speeds in Windows 7/8

If your x79 motherboard, i7 CPU and Geforce graphics cards all support PCIe 3.0 then shouldn't everything run at PCIe 3.0 speeds? The answer is no, by default your x79 motherboard and graphics cards will only run at PCIe 2.0 speeds which significantl...

RIVBE - Boot problems

Hi all...Just recently my system refuses to boot citing overclock failures. For the last 8 or 9 months, the system's been running fine at 4.5 GHz (100 MHz and 45 multiplier) on a i7 4930K cpu.After a few tries and re-loading the bios, I can get it ru...

RobSys by Level 7
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Formula VII ROG Armor

Hi all, I was just curious what material the front of the ROG armor is made of? Is it plastic? metal?

Display scaling

DVI-DDVI-Iuse DVI-D single link cablewhy different?Motherboard or GTX 780 Ti ?.my spec:--------------i7 4790KASUS MAXIMUS VII HEROASUS GTX 780 Ti DCII OCMONITOR LG D2343P

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Chipset Block for Z97 Max 7 Formula?

Hello,I was interested in watercooling my chipset and I cannot find a block for it. It looks like EK made one for the Max 6 Formula, but the cooling configurator says "no plans" for the z97 :(.Is it really that important to cool this?I am thinking no...