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p9x79 DIMM slot problems

So, about a year ago, I bought all the pieces I needed for my PC to make it work. The main parts to tell about here is the standard P9x79 motherboard, and 4 x 8 GB 32 GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2100 MHz CL11 RAM. I installed everything carefully, but ...

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Loler54 by Level 7
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VII Formula code 30 - 40 and A0

Hi, when I wake the computer from sleep or restart I randomly get code 30 - 40, can any1 tell me are these codes normal? I think A0 is the "normal" code, because thats what I got when I booted for the first time. any explanation is appreciated.Thank ...

Bal by Level 7
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ASUS RAMPAGE IV Black Edition Wireless Problem

Today I found that the wireless suddenly stop working and cannot find any wireless routers I try to remove and install the latest driver but it still not work then I try windows 7 64bit troubleshoot problems not fix the problem but I get this error:N...

Clock watchdog timeout m7f

Hi everyone, after a new build an December im getting a bluescreen CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT i7 4790k on M7F, the thing is I only use Ez tunning on the Bios and its alwaya end with a 4.8 mhz on the cpu after these blue screens I did it again on the Bio...

ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth guide

This is a guide to show you step by step o how to setup your ROG connect and RC Bluetooth. For those of you that dont know about ROG connect, its pretty much the coolest invention ever! You can remotely control and overclock your system on the hardw...

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Crosshair IV Formula Stuck initializing USB

I am afraid my MOBO is dead.My computer would freeze while booting. I could not enter BIOS or do anything at all.I pressed the CMOS reset button on the back panel, and now it freezes on "Press Del to run SETUP, press TAB to display BIOS POST message"...

BIOS Stuck on Stock

Hi there!This will be first message of mine on ROG Forums. I have an issue with my M7 Hero motherboard. I use the latest (for now) BIOS version 2201. Sometimes my keyboard does not work on UEFI BIOS and sometimes my system completely stucks immediate...

Mugzy by Level 7
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