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Crossfire V Formula-Z + FX9590 BSOD during windows install.

Hello All,I just built a new system, and I'm trying to get the BIOS settings right for the system to be stable.Right now it's crashing when I try to load a windows install and giving me bluescreen with page_fault_in_nonpaged_area or it will just hang...

gagtech by Level 7
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Vii Hero 4790k voltage help

Hi total noob when it comes to this and have done a bit of research all day about overclocking and adaptive offset etc and it's still just going over my head><with everything default in bios i'm hitting 1.284v in Prime95 (small FTF test) with temps h...

Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 & FX 8320 - lowering voltage

First things first: MB: Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 CPU: FX-8320 CPU cooler: Cooler Master 212 EVO + PHANTEKS PH-F140HP fan on the cooler Ambient temperature: 22°C Everything is stock in BIOS. With stock setings, when booted in Windows, I get the following...

need help, advice, in how to setup 8 fans, Maximus VII Hero

I want to use 5 Cougar CF-V14HB (140mm) fans, and 3 Cougar CF-V12HB (120mm) fans in my new build, for a total of 8 fans. Yes I am a noob, in regards to wanting to use more fans, than there are Mother Board fan headings. I am also installing a Corsa...

bocalot by Level 7
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Warped plastic on second PCI-E slot

d Not sure if I should be concerned about that warping on the second pci-e slot. Not planning on running dual cards, but still slightly worried about it affecting the whole board.

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M7H Problem with Intel ME

Hi.I just got a new M7H and it's giving me a hard time. I'm unable to install the Intel ME software in Windows 8.1. I just get a "This platform is not supported" error from the installer.So after reinstalling Windows 8.1 a couple times and trying out...

Pandur by Level 10
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Z97 Vii Hero + 4790K Overclock Help

hi guys ,i'm trying to overclock in BIOS and it's not stabilize. how can i do set for best performans ? :confused::confused:i've corsair h110 water cooling system on cpu and good air cooling system in case.

tunc8686 by Level 8
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M7H i7 4790k Question

Is there any way that I can force the cpu to run at 4.4ghz constantly without using turbo boost and without overclocking?tyvm