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Crosshair V Formula-Z on-board audio vs sound card

Hey guys, I'm posting this here as this is more of a performance question than sound "quality" question.I have the rig below (in signature), and I am debating getting a separate sound card vs using the on-board supremeFX III. Also, all drivers are th...

Slow shutdown & restarts + Keyboard lights stays ON

Hi all! I don't know if it's a motherboard issue or a OS issue, but I ask for your help. I have a Maximus vii Hero.Here's my problem, I'm on windows 8.1 x64 and when I proceed to a reboot or a shutdown, it takes about 15-20 seconds before the process...

Maximus VII Hero audio. Was I screwed?

Went to microcenter and purchased 4790K and this Z97 Maximus VII Hero.While everything works good, onboard sound with this board has ridiculous "pop" when sound pay starting and ending. Please listen to it from this linkhttps://mega.co.nz/#!oo5XxCaI!...

Maximus VII Formula Front USB 3.0

I recently purchased the VII formula. My only concern is I have the antec three hundred two case and it doesn't seem to fit the usb panel or it is rather tight. I'm not sure if it actually aligns and would fit though. Anyone have the same case and mo...

rog external port to maximus v formula

Hi all,I'd like to imform me if there is any way to connect rog OC panel to my motherboard maximus v formula. I know that there is no compatibility with in but i am asking you in case that you know something else like an adapter or something else.Tha...

Cooler mounting holes beside cpu slot

Latwly I bought Hero VII motherboard.It looks and feels very solid mb. But i was surprised to see that the cpu cooler mounting holes beside cpu slot are flat and on the same level with rest of the pcb. Doesnt tightening ( CM Evo 212+) mounting screws...

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Maximus VII Formula delay boot on Windows 8.1 pro

Hey guys, I have built my new Gaming Rig with Maximus VII Formula and I'm having a small issue here which I never had with my old MSI GD65 Gaming board. As you can see in the video I made everytime I start the computer right before windows boots into...


After a new BIOS update Windows boot stuck for ~10-20 seconds and then boots as normal.Downgrade to the previous version 2201 fixes this issue. Can anyone confirm this?OS: Windows 7 Ent x64; Chipset and IMEI drivers are up to date.

Uninstalled AI suite 2, did I just uninstall my BIOS?

When I bought my computer, it had AI suite 2 installed. I used the program to auto tune my computer and think it's responsible for recent BSOD I am experiencing. I uninstalled it through windows and was going to run a cleaner specifically for AI suit...