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Beta Bios for Maximus VII Formula

Updated cpu microcode on haswell only & raid rom to to be used with rst driver pic below showing updated microcode All credit goes to SoniX and his amazing UBU tool & Fernando for all his help. Check out Fernando Raid forum *...


EZ Flash Issue! 2401 Bios - VII Hero

This issue has me very very pissed!When I go to flash back to like 11.04 bio's it tells me its not a proper bio's. Even tho I had JUST downloaded the bio's from the site Again... even with 2304,.How is it NOT a proper bios? Anyone know the work aroun...

pci not detecting gpu

Hi guys just upgraded my mb from a sabertooth x58 to a maximus vii hero and it is not detecting my gpuI could use any advice please

Maximus Hero stopped booting

Hey guys,I built my own PC 14 months ago - no problems at all until yesterday it just stopped booting. No error message on LED's, when you hit power button LED's flash and fans spin for half a second then nothing.I haven't moved the PC, haven't updat...

M7G fan header wattage?

Does anybody know what the max wattage allowed is per fan header on the Maximus VII GENE? I would like to use splitters to hook up multiple PWM fans per header if possible but don't want to overload the headers. Thanks in advance for any info!

VII Hero, PC Shutdowns and restart

Hi,I've got an issue with my PC.It suddenly started to self-shutdown, sometimes it also starts back on his own.Power-On button on the front it's not always working, sometimes I need to unplug power cable and plug it back and then it will work again.T...

Coggi by Level 7
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Bios Setting

Hey fellas...!last night i was rendering a video on after effect cs6 n cpu temp shoots to 70-80 C under 80-90% load is that normal n plz someone guide me through the bios m tell me how i can us my processor under 4.0 gigz System ConfigAsus Maximus He...

RIVE not recognizing all the memory installed

It seems that the OS and BIOS summary does not recognize 16gb of the 32gb memory installed. I have all 8 slots populated by 4gb Samsung ram; only the red slots are recognized, and the black ones do nothing. However, prodding deeper into the BIOS and ...

tengen by Level 8
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Crosshair V Formula-Z on-board audio vs sound card

Hey guys, I'm posting this here as this is more of a performance question than sound "quality" question.I have the rig below (in signature), and I am debating getting a separate sound card vs using the on-board supremeFX III. Also, all drivers are th...