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Asus VII hero freezing on splash screen press F2 or Del

Hi guys. The other day I turned on my custom PC and it wouldn't show anything on the screen. A forum recommended me to reset the CMOS. So I did. Now I am stuck with this splash screen. Please press F2 or DEL to enter BIOSMy keyboard would not work. N...

Crosshair V Formula Z and FC-9590

Hello, I have read several threads about this combo and issues therein and I have been having issues as well. I seem to be getting lost in the threads as to how it was resolved. I'd like to kick out my issue with the hope that someone can point me ...

Q-Code 77: Strange interaction with Corsair 250D Case

Hello,I'm using a Maximus Impact VII.Not very long ago I started getting Q-Code 77 (PCH DXE Initialization (PCH module specific)). After some experimentation I have found what I am 95% sure is the cause of this problem, and would like some help pinpo...

Rampage IV Formula 8.1 Chipset Drivers

Hello, I am trying to do a fresh install of windows 8.1 but when I finally get everything installed I keep getting the hardward disconnect and reconect sound about once every minute and a warning saying my chipset drivers are not installed. I install...

Formula VII mPCIe wifi very slow and flaky

I just built my computer yesterday, and everything works fine, but the wifi is very unstable and slow.I'm using the mPCIe combo iii module that came with the board, and the supplied antenna...Please help?

algosub by Level 7
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Maximus VII Gene sound card replacement?

Hello all,I purchased a Maximus VII Gene refurbished from Newegg a while ago, but it did not include the sound card module. Anyone know where I could locate one or who to contact at Asus to purchase one?I have checked around eBay, Amazon, etc, but h...

Rakuun by Level 7
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New Crossblade Ranger Owner (I have a few questions)

How's it going guys. I've been out of the loop in the computer scene for quite a few yearsnow, but I just recently upgraded my system, and I have a couple of questions that I would love to get some help with.First off, I'll start with my setup:- Asus...