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Q-CODE - What is normal?

The book is clear as mud. It says this displays "ERROR" codes.So... if all is functioning 100% then the Q-Code display should never display anything, correct?I find that upon boot I have a series of numbers displayed. It does boot into Windows. Yes...

static1 by Level 7
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ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 and CPU question

Hi All,Wondering if someone can set me straight concerning this motherboard and other cpu's than the one I have which is intel i7-7700k kaby lake. When I bought this build I assumed I could only use this i7 kaby lake cpu or AMD also. But I am only in...

TheRock by Level 7
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Problems starting / restarting Maximus VI Hero

Hello everyone firstI have a small problem !I have installed Maximus VI Hero, everything runs so far, only I have the problem that when I want to restart the PC shuts down, the screen goes black but the PC and fans etc. continue to run and the fans t...

Asus X570 TUF - Memory problem

Hi, i have problem with memory.After few days offline i started my pc and i saw black screen. Few days ago all works fine.Memory bank A2 wont work What can i do ? I tried put all my memory to a2 and check other memory modules. Without succes, yello...

ASUS Rog b460-i Gaming Not Boot SSD NVME

My pc does not boot via ssd nvme.It goes directly into the bios after restarting several times it can start normally.My NVME SSD is an ADATA Falcon 2tb, I believe this model is not on the motherboard compatibility list on the manufacturer's website.L...

Asus B550-M - Qfan minumum RPM and stock AMD cooler

Hi.I'm not gamer so stock cooler is good enough for me, but since I use my mobo on HTPC in living room cooler is pretty loud at 1000RPM.I'm speaking about wraith stealth version. I can't go under 1000 RPM (FanTuning set 980 at 0, but it's actually 10...

akulpp by Level 7
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Software won't load

Prime Z270 A board . Have older Photosmart Hp printer , can't get software to load due to usb not compatible . Do I need a third party board to make his work?