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Stuck on Error 99

I was wondering if I could get some help here. Yesterday I installed malware bytes and rebooted my computer when it asked. After that it wouldn't post. The only other thing that i did to the computer was move some 120mm ans from the back of the hard ...

M.2 for Maximus VII impact

Does anyone know where I can find PCIe 3 x4 M.2 SSDs (I assume it's SSDs) that will work with the Maximus VII impact. So far I've only been able to find the "older" ones like for PCIe 2 speeds. Perhaps they are not yet released?

Bios confusion

I built my computer in December of 2014 and downloaded the the latest bios at that time. When I go into my bios the number at the top of the main page is 2201. On Asus website today the latest bios is 2012 dated 10/31/14 which is before I downloade...

First build need a little help

Hi all I would be glad for all the help i can get I'am almost done with my first build, and have some questions. Components.Case CM 690 IIIPSU XFX XXX Edition Semi modular Pro 850W MB Crossblade RangerCpu A10-7850Cooler CM 120 V2Boot drive Adata...

MW54 by Level 7
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maximus v formula - A2 and short bios beep?

HiBought an used maximus v formula from a hardware store in good condition with all the parts in the box.Have moved over all the hardware from my "old" pc and when I try to boot it up to install operating system I get a short bios beep and then almos...

Maximus VII Formula Stuck on IROG3 update

So,i recently built my pc and it managed to post and boot into windows 8.1But after i turned it off,went to bed and turn it back on when i woke up,it keep giving this message "IROG3 is updating.Do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system b...

WiFi Suggestions for Maximus VII Gene

Intel 7260 Hey guys, I'm looking for WiFi suggestions for my new Asus M VII Gene. I would like to take advantage of the holes that are located in the I/O shield for antenna placement, so from what I gather, I'll need to go laptop style mpcie card to ...

Sluggo by Level 7
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