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Issues since updating BIOS - Please help

Hello,I updated my Maximus VI motherboard to the latest BIOS (from asus' website) yesterday. I had been experiencing frequent blue screens and found a post indicating that others with the Maximus VI were receiving the same BSOD error and that updatin...

Chooki by Level 7
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Water cooling, CPU FAN problem

Hi,I've just set up my EK water cooling system.Water pump is connected to CPU_FAN, two 12x12 fans (for two radiators) are connected to CHA_FAN1 nad CHA_FAN2.Problem is in the cooling profiles. I can control profiles of CHA_FANs by UEFI or AI SUITE II...

dikoj by Level 7
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Asus Z97-Pro Onboard Sound Specs?

The Asus Page for my mobo is very vague, and I want to know about everything on this board.I just bought Beyerdynamic DT 990's and they are 250ohm headphhones.I see that the Asus Maximus VII has a sonic sense onboard amp for up to around 300ohms, and...

Maximus VII Impact not booting

So here is the problem. When I hit the onboard power button to start the computer it refuses to start. It starts to boot but then then it stops. The VGA LED. Next to the 24 pin connector is on and it displays the Q code 62,which is installation of th...

JonU by Level 7
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HELP! PC locks up in BIOS after powering on

I've been out of town for the last week, and while I was gone I turned my PC off, since I knew I wouldn't need to access it while I was gone. Upon returning, my PC is acting flaky. I just finished building this about a month or 2 ago and didn't have ...

rolldog by Level 9
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40 error code (m7f+rog fb)

Hi Guys!I am rookie in OC but beginner in building.My issue is i have an erroc code 40 when OS booting. The system is stable, its just freeky u know My Gaming Rig Spec.:| Asus ROG M7F | i5 4690K @ 4,5Ghz + H90 | Corsair 4*4GB 1600Mhz CL9 | Asus ROG M...

Asus Z77 Sabertooth

Hello all i need some help. Has anyone had this issue with the Z77 Sabertooth Mother board. Every time I change anything in the bios dealing with overclocking the settings change themselves to other values. EPU power saving i click disable when going...

6god121 by Level 7
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