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Maximus VII Hero BIOS appearing on wrong monitor screen

Hey guys,So I have a dual monitor setup, one Dell monitor as my primary monitor connected through DisplayPort (Monitor 1) and the other is a Samsung monitor connected through HDMI (Monitor 2). My monitors are configured properly through NVIDIA Contro...

pyuuify by Level 7
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Maximus VI Gene: PCIE2.0 GPU not detected

I am currently troubleshooting my board (BIOS 1603) for other issues right now. One of them is testing the PCIE_X16/X8_1 slot, my GTX980 can post no problems at all but it is running at x8 not x16. I tried my older GTX550Ti and a spare 8400GS, both P...

A2 Code Can't Get Into BIOS

Hello, Recently my son had an accident and literally a single drop of condensation fell into my top vent and fried my PSU. Nothing else got wet at all and I promptly shut down my system. I replaced my PSU (exact same model) leaving all cables in plac...

hatefly by Level 7
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Updated BIOS on M7F Results in Higher VCore and Temps

I just updated the BIOS for my Maximus VII Formula from ver. 0501 to ver. 2012. I'm running a 4790k CPU. I haven't tweaked anything or changed anything else. With the previous BIOS, the VCore was 1.164 volts. That resulted in a maximum temp while run...

Slow Windows 8 Bootup times

SOLVEDHave played around but to be honest I really dont know what most of the stuff does. Looked in the manual and well its over my head. What I want is to improve machine performance especially start-up. Every time I change things they just seem to ...

will_s by Level 7
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Does overclocking a ROG Mainboard void your warranty?

Hey,maybe it's a stupid question to some, but I'm still going to ask it.As you all know, ASUS caters especially to overclockers and enthusiasts with it's ROG product line.I have a problem with a faulty mainboard bought less then half a year ago, and ...

Maximus VII hero, Memory card error

When I put one memory card in, it works. When I put more than one memory card in, it either reboots forever, or show Q_code 55. There is nothing wrong with my ram card. What is wrong, and how do i fix it?Ram is Trident X.

sq0109 by Level 7
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Maximus VII Formula RTC Issue

Hi guys, I have the M7F and been using it for few months and since I got it I had an issue with windows loosing time and after few weeks being minutes behind and sometimes close to an hour. I tried everything suggested on forums such as changing the ...