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crossfire problem

Hello I want to ask somethingI bought two graphics cards (ATI Radeon 280 x gigabytes) I linked the one card with my computer and its working perfect But when I linked the second card in my computer I have problem First of all the computer reveals bl...

clood by Level 7
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Asus X99 Deluxe RAM Slot B1 Broken ?

Hi.I got a brand new Asus X99 Deluxe, along with a i7 5960x and 64gb of Mushkin Blackline ram (this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mushkin-Blackline-994209F-DDR4-UDIMM-32GB-kit-4x8GB-PC3-22400-2800MHZ-16-16-16-3-/141559756082?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=...

Fan Splitters for Maximus VII GENE

I'm about to build a new computer inside a Corsair Obsidian 350D case and I'm wondering about the specifications for the "CHA_FAN" headers featured in the Maximus VII GENE. I'd like to know more about those because I'd like to make use of all the spa...


GPUZ STILL shows Strix GTX980 running on PCIE 2.0

Hi guys,its been a while since the last time im here.so, i have problem gpuZ displaying that my Strix gtx980 running on pcie2.0. this is weird, coz last time i am using MatrixP GTX780ti, it shows running on pcie3.0 (after i successfully fix it with t...

n113 by Level 7
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Maximus VI Impact code 00

Hello there guys, I am in some trouble and would appreciate some help or input So I was almost done my build today and was doing the final assembly and went to test out all the components and my rig wouldn't start up.All it does is tries to bootup an...

Etaloche by Level 7
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No Post Q Code 10

My rig:ASUS Crosshair V Formula ZAMD 8350 8 GB PNY Ram1000 Silverstone Platinum PSU2 x 660tiNearly ever since I built this rig about a year ago it would hang intermittently or fail to POST without a manual reset or two. After going SLI the symptoms g...

DRAM LED RED! PC powers up but wont post

Hi, my PC was built around 4 months ago and has been running perfect until few days ago. I go to switch the computer on and it instantly powers off and is now stuck, unable to boot.Everything powers on, all case fans/leds, gpu and cpu fan however its...

ixbundy by Level 7
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990fx won't always reboot

Hello, Curious as to why sometimes my Crosshair V Formula - Z will reboot upon the pressing of the restart button on my chassis and sometimes it won't (this happened with my Crosshair IV as well). Actually today, I was cloning something from an Ac...