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X99 Sabertooth fan header + NVMe boot instructions

Hello I just got a X99 Sabertooth and I have been looking thru the manual i can only find the amperageof the CPU_fan and thats 1 amp 12 watts i could use the rates for the other headers. also it seems that onlythe CPU_fan and opt are PWM I have a Ph...

sunako by Level 7
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overclocking through multiplier, HT , or both

I have only overclocked to date using either the multiplier or the HT. To our OC pros, what do you guys do and how do you decide what to change when. I would really like to pick your brains. Thinking about doing something with hwbot but not sure ...

sabah70 by Level 7
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Z97 choices

lets say you had a Z97 Maximus Formula VII, a Z97 ASUS Deluxe and a Z97 EVGA Classified and weren't thrilled with the deluxe and wanted to swap it for another Z97 board that had 4 way SLI, 2x usb 3.0 board plugs and had plenty of extra board power su...

Perko by Level 8
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Maximus V Gene boot issue! Need help please!!

I've run into a peculiar issue with booting my windows 7 drives recently. It seems I can only boot via the boot override feature in BIOS. If I let the system attempt a boot normally it will come to the windows logo screen, monitor loses connection as...

Creedo by Level 7
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Rampage IV BE LAN and Wifi Issues

I recently purchased the Rampage IV BE and had issues with both the LAN and WiFi. It was determined to be defective after RMA processing. I just received my replacement and I am experiencing the same problems with the new board. I was wondering if an...

Stuck at the splash screen

Very weird and unstable bug I am having, here is the story: Recently I replaced my video card to Saphire Radeon R9 270 and my heatsink to the Hydro 100i from Corsair. I came with the issue of not having enough room in my case to fit the heatsink fan ...

Vagility by Level 7
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