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Not able to detect DVD drive in BIOS

Hi All,Sorry for this absolute noob post, but this is the first time I've made a PC in 7 years and I'm about to tear my hair out.I recently bought all the parts for a new PC and have had real trouble getting it started. I think I'm nearly there... ex...

Meeckah by Level 7
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Maximus V Gene error 69

So i tried to boot my workstation today only to get a 69 error. It looks like the motherboard is dead but i wanted to hear you guys.I already have tried removing all devices including RAM and tried another set just in case.Un pluged everything and re...

Maximus VII Hero + Astro A40 Headset?

Hey guys, newbie here Finally decided to splash out on a new PC build the other day, I landed on the Maximus VII Hero with i7 4790k and Nvidia 970 GTX.I've previously been using a pair of Astro A40 gaming headphones with mixamp which I had to buy an ...

S7ewie by Level 7
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ROG Maximus Hero VI Board Disrepair

Hi all,These may be stupid questions but:1. My Hero VI board isn't working. Can it be repaired or is replacement the only option?2. If I have to discard it I want to do so responsibly. Where does one dispose of mobos?

Cabeson by Level 7
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Maximus V Gene dead CPU/OPT Fan headers??

Hi everyone,Just noticed my two cpu fans aren't spinning up. They seemed locked at 600 rpm, regardless of what settings are chosen in Bios, or in fan expert 2. I'm running a 3770k at 4.2Ghz, temps still read normal. 29c at idle, and around 68-70c ...

BCLK fluctuating by itself.

HelloI have Hero VII and 4790kI have manually configure overclocking and then i saw alot of instabilities. Turns out that BCLK just fluctuating between my manual value 102 and 105!!!This causing me alot of problems, even display problems and BSOD due...

Need help

So I have been trying to build myself a new PC as my old one basically is so outdated it runs vikings with lag. (Figuratively speaking) I have this Maximus IV Extreme and I get code 20 on my debug. I have no video output at all and therefore cannot e...

brenwin by Level 7
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