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maximus hero vii z97 q-code 50

Please can some one help. I turned my pc today and all iam getting is q-code 50 nothing else don't boot or anything I have 4 sticks of corsair vengeance ram 16 gb been find for the last 3 months to today any help please.

SM951 Maximux VII Gene

Hi, I tried to install Windows 8 on my SSD M2 SM951 but in the selecting of partition Windows says: Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.Motherboard is Maximus VII GENE.How to install?Thanks in advance.

Bizarre computer behavior.

Hi doodz!So I bought and assembled a nice little pc with this Mobo. Love it by the way! Everything appears to run super smooth for everything, except when I play games.It all goes well when loading into a game... Until, I alt+tab out of a game and th...

Max VI Formula double power up after sleep and then restarts

Hey,I have a Maximus VI Formula with a 4770k. No overclock at all on it or my SLI 780's. For some reason I can't put the computer to sleep without the motherboard double powering up the system. Power comes on for a few seconds then reboots.Steps that...

andino by Level 10
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Maximus VII Gene mATX Air Cooler Space

Can someone with this board give me maximum dimensions, as referenced from the CPU center of the 4 cooler mounting holes, how much space there is to the closest RAM slot and closest PCIe slot? If I don't end up doing liquid cooling I'm investigating ...

What is the audio chipset used in the VII Impact & Gene?

Hi guys,I'm looking to pruchase either the VII Impact or Gene, these two mobos seems to use the same SupremeFX Impact II daughter card. Besides the Realtek ALC1150 Audio Codec & ELNA caps, what is the Opamp & amplifier used on the card? Being an audi...

xudeen by Level 7
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booting to thumb drive

Hello.first time on forumfirst time with a uefi biosvery familiar with legacy bios.I have a Intel 750 Series 2.5" 400GBPCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 MLC that I want to install tom.2 connection on the way and want to install win 7 from a usb drive. I created an in...