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Crosshair V Formula wont enter safe mode

As the title says, I cant enter safe mode. I press F8 on the Asus Boot screen on the start, and the next screen I get is nothing. The computer screen stays black forever. What is the issue and how can it be fixed?

Maximus VII Hero not detecting graphics card

I Just got a Maximus VII Hero and everything is working fine except it wont detect my graphics card, it will only show video through the integrated graphics on the board. Ive tried disabling the on-board graphics, setting the graphics to only the PCI...

Gloostik by Level 7
  • 13 replies
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Asus Maximus VII Ranger Reboot Loop

I bought Asus Maximus VII Ranger few weeks ago, today while browsing internet pc powered down, now its getting reboot loop, starts to power up, 1-2secs later shuts down and again tries to power up.Sometimes, if around after 10-15 power up tries it fi...

JarnoM by Level 8
  • 7 replies
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Audio problem in Maximus VII Ranger

Hello, I bought a Sharkoon GS ONE headset.(Motherboard: Asus Maximus Ranger VII with Supremefx driver) Until yesterday I was able to hear everything in quadraphonic sound. But, suddenly it stopped working anymore, now i have my headset in Stereo.I'v...

z77 to z99 upgrade AI Suite Issue.

*CORRECTION* z77 sabertooth to x99 sabertooth. Its late give me a breakOkay so this is going to be a very unique problem.I had a z77 3770k installed, Board died, updated system to x99 5930k. Cool, everything went fine....Surprisingly, windows 7 even ...

R4BE Possibly Overheating?

Does the small heatsink above the cpu socket generally run hot? I just purchased this board so I'm still running stock speeds (sandy bridge six-core). I can't leave a finger on the heatsink for long before it starts to get painful lol. I'm starting t...