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Delete OC Profiles on CVF-Z

I'm making the BIG switch from AMD to INTEL, I will be selling my CVF-Z...I'd like to know if there is any way to delete or reset the OC profiles in UEFI, so the next owner can set their own profiles...Does anybody know if this can be done?TIA,Mike

Asus Sabertooth X99 stability and reliability?

For those of you who has the Asus Sabartooth X99 motherboard, how is the reliability and stability?Just want to make sure that this board doesn't suffer any issues from other Asus X99 motherboards before making a purchase to run as a 24/7 server.Than...

Maximus vi extreme bios 1603

MAXIMUS VI EXTREME BIOS 1603Improve system stability. http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1150/MAXIMUS-VI-EXTREME/MAXIMUS-VI-EXTREME-ASUS-1603.zip

jh30uk by Level 11
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z97-ar BIOS

do i need to update my bios to this version 2401? because the description is only for 5th Gen.. Z97-AR BIOS 2401Implement 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors code*Full support of the new CPU requires VGA driver version or later*Before ...

Q-Code 66

Hello again,My PC is running fine and everything but I hooked a fan up to the CHA fan plug, went to ASUS Suite II to the Fan Xpert and was re-adjusting the settings to my likings, anyways. Anytime I change the CHA settings (Standard, Silent, Turbo, o...

Deekins by Level 7
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Easy question: How to change cpu core voltage value??

So... I'm dabbling with overclocking. New mother board. When I change the CPU core voltage to manual..what do I need to do to actually change the value? I click in the voltage box but it won't let me input a new value. I've tried pressing + -, but th...

Asus rampage 4 extreme vga Boot lamp lights up

the system does not boot a kind. I changed the video card did not happen again. power supply degistirdi still happened. degistirdi ram did not happen again. guarantees over the board. I'm waiting for solutions from you. I do not write the bios. I res...

hulur by Level 7
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Hero VII cant boot Memtestx86 from USB

Hello there i have problem whit booting Memtestx86 from USB.Tryed USB 2.0 ports too.Also CSM is set to enabled and still wont boot.Setting just OPROM or Legacy same result.Was trying to unload Key management still same result.My system specs are in m...