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Max VI Extreme: Lights Up, No Response

I ordered an Extreme on the 3rd. It got here a few days later. Set the system all up. Connected everything.Clicked the case's power button: Nothing happened.No fans spinning, no POST, no beep, nothing at all.All the board's lights were on. The Start ...

Sqarr by Level 7
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Raid fails when BIOS is reset

Hi all,I have the Maximus Vii Formula motherboard paired up with 1 SATA III SDD and 4x 1TB HDDs running RAID10. I have my SDD as the OS Drive and the HDDs as the DATA drive where I have my Program Files redirected to. The problem I'm having is that ...

eman_jr by Level 7
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Sonic Radar II ?

On the MAXIMUS VII FORMULA, does the onboard sound have to be enabled/used for Sonic Radar II to function? Or can i use a separate sound card and Sonic Radar II will still work?

Ruok2bu by Level 7
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Problems with mother Asus Maximus V Formula !!!

Hello peoples ?!Next, I'm in trouble with her mother Asus Maximus Formula V.It started with this error message:Researching about it, I read what could be the jumper this board, but I knew not located it on the board. If anyone knows if I tell you whe...

dr_host by Level 7
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Network bandwidth allocation?

Hello, ill try and keep this simple as i am by no means an expert with this kind of stuff. I recently upgraded from my old ASUS board to a ranger maximus vii and have noticed whilst downloading/gaming or doing other heavy bandwidth using things i am ...

plixxd by Level 7
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Maximus IV Extreme-z and installing windows 7 on a 3TB drive

Howdy! Recently picked up this board and I am trying to install windows 7 onto my 3 TB drive. Keeps saying the drive is invalid due to being formatted in GPT. Deleting the partition and repartitioning during the install only allows me to make a 75...

Crosshair V Formula Z UEFI set up

I would like to change my bios from legacy to UEFI to maximise fast boot as well as other benefits, but I am not sure what I need to change the settings to in bios. I also don't know if changing the settings is all I need to do or if there is anythin...

JRummers by Level 7
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