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Bootable drives disappeared

I have a crosshair v formula z mobo, and up until today was running windows 8 on two samsung ssd's in raid 0 with no trouble. The trouble began when I took an intel ssd from my old computer and installed it so I could install Ubuntu 14.0.2. I ran int...

SSD Frozen

ASUS Maximus VI HeroEVGA GeForce GTX770Intel i7-4770kCorsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 8GB RAMSamsung 840EVO SSDCorsair RM750 PSUPioneer DVDWindows 8.1 Hi, I have been having Boot problems for about 4 weeks now. I had another thread going, posted on the 17th...

ChrisL by Level 7
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old rampage II gene gc5290 win8 compatible?

I got this over a year ago off of a friend. I finally got around to getting the rest of the parts to build a new system. Trying to install win 8.1 on it, but keep getting stalled when it asks for media drivers. The dvd drive I have is win8 compli...

vk3001p by Level 7
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Rampage II Gene Sound Drivers & Sofware for Windows 8.1?

Long story short, I'd like to put this motherboard (a Rampage II Gene) back into service and I've got all the parts and it appears to be working fine and all I have to do is install Windows 8.1 and then all the drivers. The support/downloads sections...

Norm by Level 9
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Which drivers do I REALLY need?

Hi,I only installed the Intel-Lan and the Intel Graphics driver yet. My question is: Which drivers do I really nead? It might sound a bit stupid but I want to keep my system as clean as possible.I have a Maximus VI Gene and Windows 7 Prof. 64bit. I w...

X99 Sabertooth Shutdown / Crash - Orange PLED1

Hello all,I have a X99 Sabertooth, i7 5820K, DirectCU mini 4GB Asus VC, and 16Gb Corsair Vengeance rig. I was running Arch Linux until it randomly shutdown on me and now won't go back on. When I turn on the PC it looks like it starts for a brief seco...

C5FZ + FX-8350 + 5A Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid

I've had this system for sometime and the other night it just wouldn't start. (I believe it was sleep or standby) I can't remember. But I had used it like 20mins prior and It was working fine. Now it doesn't run at all. fans turn on, fan speed adjust...

robjs76 by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula-Z Sound Drivers.

I have a curious question for anyone who wants to respond.Do you all only use the drivers provided by Asus on the support page, Or do you use updated drivers provided by Realtek?If so do you have any issues?Thanks for your time.~Michael"I do not work...

Low mic volume - maximus vii ranger

Summary: My Logitech G430's mic doesn't seem work together with the Asus Maximus vii ranger motherboard.Hello everyone. So i just built myself a new computer and everything seems to work fine, except for the microphone. I have plugged my Logitech G43...

OskarB by Level 7
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idle temps

Something is not right here, my idle temps are 42c and when browsing the web they shoot up to 50c, that seems far to high, i have read the long thread on the intel forums about people having problems with these chips and some blaming the mobo manufac...