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REALTEK HD Audio x Front Panel problems

Hey guys, first of all, a little OT.I'm happy you have accepted me as a part of the ROG Community.Now, the important part.I recently bought a CrossHair V Formula-Z motherboard.I was pretty happy and excited to build a PC with such a powerful board in...

Cold Boot Keyboard not working

Hey guys, having a weird issue when coming from a cold boot the keyboard doesn't work. The keyboard lights up like it's going to work but once it gets to the windows screen the light turn off. I have to restart my computer to get it working again. So...

wuping by Level 7
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BIOS Nerfed?

Well, I'm currently running a Maximus VI Gene, with a 1230v3 CPU. Up until a couple of days ago, I was running on the bios that came from the factory. I had no issues, and I was running at a 37 multiplier x 103.5 bclk, for a 3.83GHz speed across all ...

Asus MultiCore Enhacement problem

Hello,I have a question, in BIOS "Asus MultiCore Enhacement" option how should be?"Auto" or "Sync all cores"?I've noticed that when "Auto" is enable, my CPU Temp's are lower.Thanks!

HERO VII crashed & died

Hi guys, PC a little while ago, the screen went black for a bit then started to show desktop then back to black. After 5ish minutes I held the on button down to power off. On restart I'm getting Q-code b2 (pretty sure it's not 62) and AE. I pressed ...


Hi Guys, did a quick search and can't find anyone having posted this yet - there is a bios setting for hardware virtualization enabled - I would like to run some virtual machines as I'm studying for an MCITP and playing with the OSes would be helpful...

Royster by Level 8
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Best PSU for my build out of Alienware Area 51 ALX case

Hello and thanks ahead of time. I have a custom build out of the Alienware Area 51 ALX case. PSU is the one that came in it. 1000w Not sure if the PSU is the problem, but this is my second build, and 3rd upgrade. I am having the same random problems ...

50506 50507 50508 50509

Asus Rampage IV Extreme No Display. PLEASE HELP!

Hello everyone,Ok. I have a major issue. I have a Asus Ramapage IV extreme motherboard with GTX 760 Graphics card. x4 gb Rams on the red ports.All is well. However it is not.Around 3 weeks ago, my pc was functioning normal. I was playing games such a...

Zaman by Level 7
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