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ASUS Crosshair v Formula-Z CPU speed error

Hi ASUS Users,i have a trouble with my new FX8350, The CPU current speed its less than maximum in the task manager but when i enter in "secure mode" the speed its fine....:confused::confused:My PC propertiesS.O:Windows 10 x64Motherboard:Crosshair v F...

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Does it have virtual surround sound? If so how do you enable it? Furthermore does the Crosshair formula V have virtual surround via headphones??Thanks

Maximus hero Vii clean install win 10 2 blue screens of death

I did a clean install of windows 10. I let windows do all the upgrades it wanted to do and then installed the chipset drivers from the rog page. I have been getting either a clock_watchdog_timeout or machine check exception error when I do anything ...

Chonduu by Level 7
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X99 Sabertooth & Intel 750 NVMe SSD causing HDD errors

Recently completed a new build using Asus X99 Sabertooth and an Intel 750 NVMe SSD (PCIe HHHL version). Every time I boot Windows 7 from the Intel 750 I start getting errors on all 6 of the attached sata mechanical HDD's. Windows forces a CHKDSK on o...

Qfan tuning problems

I already post this in the Bios 2801 thread but forgive this double post cause things are most irritating. I got a Maximus VII Ranger with 2 chasis fans in DC Mode and one CPU fan in PWM mode...qfan totally messes everything up, making the cpu fan ru...

iAzriel by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme RAID 0 OCZ Vertex 4 TRIM problem?

Hi guys.I am not good in hardware and therefore I have bought more than one year back two OCZ Vertex 4 120 gb and I have turn RAID 0 on my Rampage IV. I was expected fast performance but didn't know that TRIM is not there...But now I have found (one ...

6-Disk RAID-10?

I'm trying to find out if 6-disk RAID-10 is supported by my ASUS Maximus VI Gene motherboard with Intel's Rapid Storage Technology (RST). I've found topics on a few forums discussing Intel's features with users saying it is supported, that it isn't ...

SupremeFX Impact II question

So today Asus unveiled the new Z97 Impact VII which looks like a minor Impact VI refresh. However, the audio daughterboard has undergone a redesign, more specifically the HD AUDIO connector is now (thankfully!) angled, so that it won't interfere with...

About the SupremeFX Impact II

So I'm a little disappointed that there's another version coming out while the previous card for the Maximus VI Impact is still buggy as s***, but I have to ask, is the new one any good? Does it have 7.1, Dolby Headphone, and an amp that doesn't suc...

Hat1324 by Level 7
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Windows 10 Maximus VII Hero issue

I've done three installs on my main machine now, one upgrade from Windows 8.1 and two fresh installs, and the same problem keeps coming up: the screen won't turn off when the system is idle. It also won't engage any screen saver or automatically slee...