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First place in boot priorities

Hello,When i set the windows usb key for reinstallation in prime z390-a, i boot to bios and set the usb kingston as first boot device and when i reboot, i checked the F8 button but there i cannot see that the usb is at first place, it is rather alway...

ArnoldT by Level 7
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Crosshair VIII Formula POST error 02

Hi guys,Crosshair VIII Formula, Ryzen 5900x, RTX 3080TI, AGESA from March I believemachine was working for ~6 months.Few days ago W10 bluescreen, afterwards I saw a boot guard prompt (not really though couldn't enter anything).I then power cycled th...

Armoury Crate not finding driver updates

Hi everybody, i'm new to this forum I googled about my trouble but i found nothig about it...My Armoury Crate app is not finding any driver update at all :confused:First i thought that there wasn't any update, but searching manually on the support pa...

gigno by Level 7
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TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) BIOS Update 4021

I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced any issues with the BIOS update 4021 before I update it.Also, is this the correct place for the TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) motherboard inquiries?I've looked around but couldn't find one just for this mot...

updating board UEFI

Windows 21H1Board is Asus Tuf z390 - Plus Gaming WI FI.I can either use internet to update or a flash drive.With flash drive I download the file to desktop then ??do I rename it + send to flash drive or just copy the cap file to the flash drive...

z270-a red and orange LED waking up from sleep?

computer is not waking up from sleep. fans spin, no screen. motherboard is flashing ~5 sec of solid red then orange. what does this mean?when this happen I have to cut power. The next boot it will go to post safe mode, then boots into windows no prob...

eckndu by Level 7
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X370-PRO New M.2 Drive Not Listed

I'm replacing the the 512gb Samsung 960 Pro M.2 drive on my X370-PRO with a new 1tb 970 PRO. I plugged the 970 into a USB adapter, did a clone from the 960, shut down, removed the 960 and installed the 970. When I boot up hitting the DEL key and g...

Артефакты в программах виндовс 10

На плате ROG MAXIMUS XI CODE появились артефакты в некоторых программах. В общем я нашел источник проблемы . Эта дрянь называется Armoury Crate. И она активирована по умолчанию в биосе на мат.платах асус . В итоге она ставит какие-то драйвера, что ви...