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ok guys so I got a new gpu well kinda I went from a asus r9 280x dcuII 3gb to the same card just a v2 one and now im getting an error q code of 62 and I get no vid pass thro from the gpu set up is crossair v formula-zamd 8350 (o.c. 4.7)h100iamd radeo...

Formula V Windows 10 Installation on USB 3.0 After Raid 0

!!!I'm very frustrated right now.A week ago after finding out that a PCIe 3.0 Card will work in a 2.0 slot I went to upgrade only to find out that the card was not compatible with my VIsta system.Went to Newegg and bought Windows 10 and used Daemon T...

Problem with installation on my Maximus VII Hero.

This is not Hero specific, but here is what happened. I installed Windows 7 Pro on an SSD with NO other SSD's or HDD connected. Only the ONE SSD was connected. Installation went fine, and the SSD showed up as DISK 0, but when I then connected a secon...

virge by Level 7
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PC not booting

Yesterday I took my motherboard out to fit a new cooler and tested it outside of the case and it worked fine with a PC game. Installed new graphics card and I was using anti static strap throughout. It had all the components on but oitside the case. ...

Rampage IV Formula, BIOS questions

I've been reading around here trying to make sense of things, but I don't see the harm in asking as well.Can I flash the bios without a CPU? I got this thing at a garage sale and I do not yet have a cpu or know the BIOS version. I'm planning to get a...

Vizth by Level 7
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Max7 Hero bios Version 2702

Today I received a new Max7 Hero with bios Version 2702. When I get my current build's hardware moved over is there any real benefit in updating the bios to the newest (2801) version?

Heini by Level 11
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Removing vrm heatsink on motherboard

I have the Maximus VI Impact and a Zalman CNPS8900 cooler and it doesn't fit flush. Its either I lose 1 ram stick or take off the heatsink. Is it safe to do so?