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How to disable Secure Boot?

Hello,I`am using Windows 8.1 64 bits and i need to disable SECURE BOOT on BIOS, i`ve tried everything but it seens to not work , i still have the ROG LOGO + Windows loading circle.How i can def disable it?I`am using Maximus Vi Hero with latest BIOS.

nurzt by Level 7
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Can't update RIVE bios

Hey,I downloaded the 4206 bios, put it on a fat32/fate16/fat thumbdrive, and when I try to read it through EZ flash in the bios menu, its the same error of "Not a UEFI bios". Every time. Can't seem to find a solution.Current bios is 4102. the 4206 bi...

PC Won't boot up after loading optimised default.

Hi! Friend I may completely sound dumb but after getting each component back after month of rma i forgot some stuff about over clocking. So story is when i assembled desktop i clicked on way optimization after which i ran rog real bench, after a mome...

Aakash by Level 8
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maximus 7 hero help

Hello i had an maximus 7 hero it use to have the double boot on start up issue with I fixed by using bios V.1104 recently I had to buy a new maximus 7 hero since i accidently damages the socket pins on the first one. This new one shipped with bios V...

Intel Drivers for new Win 10 Build

Hello all,I just purchased the corsair Formula Z. I already was using win 10 with my previous board so i get the Z all plugged up an ready to go and I find that the drivers on the CD do not recognize the NIC. What is the fix for this issue?Thanks,

IA Offset - Adaptive Voltage

Hello everyone !Every time i use Adaptive Voltage hardware monitor shows me that IA Offset is +2.017 V But when I use Auto Voltage hardware monitor show the IA Offset is 0.000 VCan somebody please explain to me what IA Offset is and why it goes to 2....

FZero by Level 7
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MAXIMUS VII IMPACT has locked CPU ratio at 8x

I swear, I've tried everything. I just changed my case and motherboard (from a Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO to a MAXIMUS VII IMPACT), and after a clean reinstall of Windows 10 (which I was running before), the CPU is locked at 8x multiplier so it only runs ...