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Will there ever be a new BIOS again for the Maximus VII line?

Hi everyone,This is for those who have had other Asus boards or who know something about this.It would make sense (commercially, at least) that Asus eventually end support for a certain line of boards, especially after they release a new line on top ...

Quixote by Level 7
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Impact VII compatible CPU coolers

Hi,I'm looking for a good tower CPU cooling that will fit that board. Today I have tried the: Dark Rock 3 from be Quiet but the power section was obstructing heat pipes so I was unable to mount it. As a help for others some links to the cooler pageht...

panec by Level 7
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VI Formula error code 00 , i7 4770k

Hi,I have seen some other people with this problem but no official way to fix it? When I first setup this computer it worked fine for 2-3 months, then randomly one day would not boot. Light stuck at CPU, showing 00 error code. I reseated the CPU and ...

fitzbane by Level 7
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AI Suite and Game First?

Hi, first post to this forum, I was just having trouble finding the download to AI Suite 3, and GameFirst 3. I have a Maximus VII Hero and I would like to use the software that is featured on the motherboard's page. I lost my driver disk, any help is...

Thyhead by Level 7
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Hero VII ram timing

Hello.So i have the Kingston 8Go DDR3 HyperX Savage CL9 1600MHz (1.5v )The Bios default setting set the ram timing at 11-11-11-28 1600mhz 1.5vThe XMP profil set the ram at 9-9-9-27 1600mhz 1.5vWould it be an issue if i manual set the XMP ram timing i...

Cold boot problems (Code 78, or just turns off)

PC has been working like a dream for months.Then boot fails, it stops at code 78Resetting by switching off the power for 10 seconds, then it boots to the F1 messagethat Overclocking failed, which apart from a standard XMP profile is default settings....

Freezy by Level 7
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USB dropout on ASUS Maximus II Ranger

As the subject says I keep getting USB dropout on the stated motherboard, I'm on the latest bios version and have 2 USB 3.0 hubs (I actually bought a 4 port unpowered hub as I thought my other hub was failing). Is there a setting in the bios that may...