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Crosshair V Formala-Z No NIC

I bought a new Crosshair V Formula-Z several months ago and finally got everything together and installed recently and the NIC isn't working (from first boot up). I've seen others have posted about this as well and I've tried everything in those thr...

Z97 Fan Headers

Hello all,I was just wondering if all the fan headers are true PWM headers in this generation of motherboards, or if only the CPU headers are, as in the last generation.

Elements by Level 7
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When booting up system, BIOS beep code help

Hi. I got a crosshair v formula.When I start up my system, I get different single beep sound lenghts. I am a bit worried that something's going on, so I decided to ask.Usually, I get one short beep, then system boots up fine. But sometimes, I get one...

Xarick by Level 7
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Can't boot unless clear CMOS on a Crosshair V Formula-Z

This has been happening for about 2 months now and I'm not able to boot up my system without clearing the CMOS. I have looked at other forums and didn't get much help from there. My PSU, Which is a CX750m, that has worked perfectly in other builds. I...

Fan Expert 3 SmartMode doesn't work with SENSOR1

I want to control the fans on my radiators with Fan Xpert 3 depending on the water temperature. I connected a temperature sensor from my watercooler to SENSOR1 on the motherboard and created a temperature depending curve in Fan Expert. When I select ...

NesTea by Level 7
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High Boot Time

Hello,I own a VII Ranger and for the past year it's been working okay but now it's about a week when I turn on the PC as soon as the Asus logo appears on the screen it takes around 3-4 minutes there on the logo and then the boot happens and windows c...

raid0 losing disk after F5

hisystemMaximus VII GeneI5 4670KG.Skill 2X4gb 2600C10R9 290 DCII OCSamsung 830 128gb SSD X2Samsung HD502 500gb HDD X2Windows 10 Pro X64 (tested with Windos 8.1 X64 also)this is something i came across with my old RIVE, but never used the raid functio...

darkage by Level 11
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Drivers for Win10 for M7F

Hey guys, is Asus just being really slow to release Win10 drivers for the Formula or are they just not coming for some reason? Specifically I'm looking for the Wireless LAN card driver. For the normal Formula product there is nothing listed at all....

flyinion by Level 12
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Asus Suite II | Bug or? Sabertooth 900fx r2.0

Sometime program show me warnigs,but i dont taht correct or not..Like this:ORSome that will be for VCORE,MB temp or CPU fan speed.I recorded whit sensor and all is OK,but...This ok or to go and replace this MB?Board:Sabertooth 990FX r2.0CPU:FX-8320 3...