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Maximus VII Hero

Hello,I have some question about the name of the network card.Intel (R) Ethernet Connection (2) I218-VIs this her name correctly? because I have the impression that previously were:Intel (R) Ethernet Connection I218-V, that is, without the two of the...

Post 55 Error

I have a Maximus VI Impact board and when I gave the stock cooler a decent tightening, I got Post 55 error and PC wouldnt boot. The nearest ram slot to the cooler would be out of action. I did end up getting it to work as apparently the cause was the...

Total NOOB - First sortie into OC-ing question

Hello all you Pushers of the Boundaries of Technology,I just finished building and powering up my NXZT Phantom-Maximus VI Extreme-i7 4790K system ( thanks to everyone for answering some of the build issues ). Now that I've managed to catch my breath ...

Ke1vin by Level 7
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Need new Rams but wich ones ?

First off : Hi allI want to buy new Rams for my pc.I have a AMD FX8320 @ 4.2 GhzI have a Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z mainborsI want to buy DDR 3 2400Mhz rams and im thinking of Corsair Vengence or G.skill or kingstonDo u have any suggestions wich i sh...

AMD Octa-core FX-9590 ON a ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3

I would appreciate any help or comments of all types for a build i`m doing. I have already purchased my gear a list below of those items. My main question is about the ram i had bought a water cooling set up for it but it seems it`s only for 2 sticks...


Hi allWould like to know if asus has a repairs option?I managed to bend a few pins on my cpu socket and break one pin trying to bend it back.If so approximate cost involvedMaximus 7 formula

Z97 pro gamer // ps2/usb power after shutdown

Hi all,I own an Asus Z97 Pro Gamer with the latest BIOS. My problem: on windows shutdown (psu goes off), the Logithec PS2 keyboard and the USB devices (i.e. steelseries mouse) stay on/powered.How can I fix this?Thanks

jrmpt by Level 8
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Maximus Formula VII onboard graphics died suddenly

Hi, I am in a serious pickle & need some expect advice.I just got my hands on a Maximus Formula VII a few months now for my new build, and all was working fine when one day all of a sudden lost picture on my monitor. I do not have a dedicated GPU yet...


Crosshair V Formala-Z No NIC

I bought a new Crosshair V Formula-Z several months ago and finally got everything together and installed recently and the NIC isn't working (from first boot up). I've seen others have posted about this as well and I've tried everything in those thr...

Z97 Fan Headers

Hello all,I was just wondering if all the fan headers are true PWM headers in this generation of motherboards, or if only the CPU headers are, as in the last generation.

Elements by Level 7
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