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VII Hero - RAID - SATA port mode question

The manual states..Due to chipset limitation, when SATA ports are set to RAID mode, all SATA ports run at RAID mode together.What exactly does that mean? The board has 6 Intel controlled SATA and 2 ASUS controlled SATA ports. Does that mean all 8 g...

OnBoard LED colors

Ok, finally got both my bios's working on the M4E and now checking out other features of my first ROG MB, the on board led's according to manual are supposed to be blue=normal, yellow =high, red=crazy . All mine are green or maybe you could say yello...

rckrzy1 by Level 7
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Help, Rampage 4, mic not working?

I had my Rampage 4 for 2+ years now and no serious issues other than its operating fan stopped working. Just the last few days I was having random mic issues.I have a Skullcandy Plyr1 and no programs was detecting the mic. I figured that the headset ...

Shello by Level 7
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Crosshair V code 66 - Posting, bios distorted?

TL;DR: PC posts perfect splash screen, and perfect screen telling me that I need to insert media (as no OS installed), but BIOS is posting goofy with code 66 (see picture below).UPDATE 3: Noticing the BIOS could still be adjusted, I manually set the ...

Two (2x) M.2 SSD cards in one board

Hi all,My first PC build in nearly a decade is underway and I'm new to the whole M.2 SSD thing. I've installed one into the dedicated M.2 slot and would like to add a second. I'm guessing there's either a way to get it into the MPCIe / PCIe slot usin...

Bonter by Level 7
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[solved] Samsung SM951 boot on Maximus VI Formula

Hi Folks,is there any fix or Bios to boot from sm951 in PCE-Adapter?I´m on Bios 1603 and installed Win8.1 in Uefi Mode , but no success with booting.Are there any Workarounds for the SM951 on M6F?

SirOli by Level 7
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Asus Crosshair V formula Z BSOD and shut down

Hi everyone. I have been using my system for about a year now with no problems. I went all high end on everything. Hitachi SSD750W PSU32GB DRAMI started getting BSOD then intermittent shut downs. I thought maybe it was my SSD, since this has happened...