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RIVbe - What temp sensor does Fan Xpert go off of?

Hi, Im on a RIVbe (Rampage IV Black Edition) and running AI Suite 3 on win 7 64bit (also tested it on win 8.1), When setting up Fan Xpert I need to know what Temperature the charts/fans are based off of? IE is it the Motherboard temp? the CPU Pa...

dough69 by Level 7
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Downgrade from CAP back to ROM

Hi there guys, recently i got a ES version of the 3960x known as the qa93. problem is.. my bios has been already updated from . ROM to . CAP and i need to flashback it back to the 1203 version, wich is the last one that accepts ES cpus .my current BI...

Etemon by Level 7
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Two temps claiming to be CPU, which one do I trust?

Ok guys, check this... I have two sensors reporting as my CPU temp, one is the CPU sensor and the other is the Mobo's CPU sensor and they are both telling me very different readings...Which one do I trust for this mobo?One max is 61c while the other'...


help me decide oc or not RIVE +i7 3970x

hello everyone,first of all i am not an expert in overclocking.but,i do have basic knowledge.i am running the rig in my signature below.in bios i am just using xmp profile & turbo mode.i know my cpu turbo freq is 4ghz.what i want to know in turbo mod...

RVxSpeed by Level 10
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How to uninstall AI Suite ii

AI Suite will not uninstall, nor will it run at all. I have downloaded the Cleaner.zip file. However, it clearly states to uninstall AI Suite ii before running. I would like to re-install after.

Davidius by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero unknow usb

hi guys,i have trying to fix this problem for a long time... and nothing fix it or im so dump...i have already updated everything i could... the problem is the unknown device pop up is always appearing and making that sound... here is the error Devic...

Crosshair V Formula-Z 8150 won't boot, FF code

Welcome to my nightmare. My first Crosshair board fried a cap the moment it powered up. Nothing was shorted, and since then I've used a micro-atx in this case that worked flawlessly. I am now on my second Crosshair V Formula-Z board, and whilst my l...

Popping Noise from speakers when shutting down PC

Have a pair of Klipsch 2.1 speakers. (no off button on them). Every time I shut down my my PC, they make a pop noise. This is on the Asus Maximus VII Formula MB. It didn't happen with my old Asus Sabertooth, though I was also using a dedicated s...