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Help updating BIOS of Z97A

hi,can anyone please help me with updating the bios?is there a safe and easy way to update bios?can someone write down the easiest way to update?maybe write the exact steps i need to do in order to update bios?any help would be apriciated.thank you

Crosshair V Formula-Z Raid

I've tried two different OS's (7 Ultimate 64bit, and 8.1 64bit), every configuration suggestion in the bios that I can find, and am still stumped on how to get my two Crucial 128GB M550's set up in raid. I can create the array, but Windows fails to r...

Problems stabilizing FX-9590 on Crosshair V Formula Z

Hey there folks! I understand many of you have been able to get the 9590 running just fine on the Crosshair V Formula Z, so I'm reaching out for some help.My current configuration is as follows: Motherboard Rev: 1.01BIOS Rev: 2101Power Supply: Corsai...

few questions regarding the BIOS

Heyi got few things that i want to figure out and solve and i would like your help1.after shutdown my pc the mouse wheel is still glowing red - i cant find the usb charging option in the bios so i cant disable it .any ideas how to deal with that?2.im...

nircc by Level 10
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SLI problem

Hi all. I have the Hero VI motherboard and I've been running a single GTX 770 card on the top PCI-e slot (nearest the CPU) with no problems. I just got hold of a second GTX 770, same brand and model, to run SLI but I'm having a problem getting both c...

RIVbe - What temp sensor does Fan Xpert go off of?

Hi, Im on a RIVbe (Rampage IV Black Edition) and running AI Suite 3 on win 7 64bit (also tested it on win 8.1), When setting up Fan Xpert I need to know what Temperature the charts/fans are based off of? IE is it the Motherboard temp? the CPU Pa...

dough69 by Level 7
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Downgrade from CAP back to ROM

Hi there guys, recently i got a ES version of the 3960x known as the qa93. problem is.. my bios has been already updated from . ROM to . CAP and i need to flashback it back to the 1203 version, wich is the last one that accepts ES cpus .my current BI...

Etemon by Level 7
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