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Grpahics card suggest, Rampage III, 4K Dell monitor

New member, First post on the forum ...Have a FalconNW PC with a Rampage III mb and an nVidia Quadro 2000 graphics card. Just picked up a Dell 24 UltraHD 4K Monitor - P2415Q, and am pretty sure I will need to upgrade my graphics card. Not a gamer, do...

bfinn19 by Level 7
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Team Group DDR4 @ 3733 Mhz with Z170 Deluxe compatibility

Hi Sorry a bit off topic, as I only have ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard.I'm trying to make Team Group Xtreem 2x8GB DDR4 (TXD416G3733HC18AD) memory to work on on 3733 Mhz using stored XML profile, but unable to do so. Every time PC tries to boot, it sto...

otec by Level 7
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Maximus VII Hero freezes at Windows logo.

Hi!I,ve got Maximus VII Hero, i5-4690K and sata HDD. It freezing when starting up at the windows logo. The same problem when I triyng to install Windows 7 or 10 from usb flash drive.Windows 7 (64 bit). Bios 2902, older 2801 also used.All MS-DOS based...

yousts by Level 7
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Asus hero and ssd samsung evo 840 problem

Hy guys i have windows 10 installed on my ssd but the strage thing that i noticed in hd tune that when i test if i am not moving the mouse durring the test my transfer rate is about 350 mb/s but when i am moving the mouse duriing the test the rate of...

Shakecip by Level 10
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Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 W/USB 3.1 BIOS Issues

So today after making some changes in my BIOS I noticed a few weird things that I did not notice before.After clearing CMOS I noticed that upon the next boot when its says " Press F1 to recover bios settings" that pressing F1 doesn't take you into th...

MAXIMUS IV EXTREME P67 USB 3.0 Ports Not Working

Hi Guys,I've just recently (2 days ago) built my new machine using the mobo mentioned in the title and have just realised that 4 of the 3.0 slots do not function. the 4 nearest to the PS/2 connections.I have tried updating the bios, chipset and have ...

Retired by Not applicable
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Unable to control fan speed via OPT Fan1 header

Currently running Bios 1201 on Rampge IV ExtremeI have 4 of these 120mm fans connected via CHA_FAN 1, 2 and 3 and OPT_FAN 1.The CHA_FAN headers seem to be working fine.The OPT_FAN 1 seems to be running at 100% all the time.I have tried to set its dut...

Whoopsy by Level 7
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