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Maximus V Formula VERY slow Posting and iROG loop.

Hey peoples...Ive been a lurker for a while but decided to register because Ive run into some problems with my Maximus V Formula. I'll try to explain best I cant the whole situation without blabbing on too much. Here goes.I bought the board second ha...

CVFZ and fx9590 ram compatibility at 32 gigs

Hello everyone, sorry if this question is asked all the time!Looking through the Asus manual, very few brands seem to be able to support 32 gigs of ram on this board. At least, I think that is what all these charts mean. Oddly enough, G. Skill is l...

Install OS on m-pci combo

hy guys it is possoble to install the OS on the m-pci combo on Asus M7F .. if it is possibel is anywhere how to do . sorry bad english THX Razzor

Razzor by Level 7
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Extremely quiet microphone ASUS MAXIMUS V GENE

Hello guys,I bought this amazing motherboard but there's either an issue with my microphone, or the motherboard.Here's the thing - when I put my mic directly in front of my mouth (talking like half an inch), it fills up the microphone bar to the top....

georgeee by Level 7
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Sabertooth Z170 AiSuite3 versions

Hi all,so after all of the suggestions I have now tried all of the versions of AiSuite 3 for Sabertooth Z170 (025,026,028,030)And I can not be more confused.Only 025 version has thermal radar2 and features of the Sabertooth Z170 (dedust fan and vario...


Bios update?

Hello forums ppl i wander if its a reasonable to update my Maximus 7 Hero Bios... i got my new gpu and i wander if the update of the bios gonna help me to overclock it better?

Fan Headers with CPU water cooler/rad

Alright so I was just wondering what headers most of you plugged your fans into to have the most control. I have a Corsair H100i with the ran mounted at the top of the case, with an exhaust fan at the back, and two intake fans at the front. As of rig...

54838 54839
Caddac by Level 7
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Manuel voltage strange problem

hello i have asus maximus v gene i have little problem on my i5 2500k when i set the voltage to 1.010 on cpu -z its say 0.976 now its crash my system i dont get this problem before i try update bios dont work either now to get 1.010 i need to set it ...

jorj02 by Level 7
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