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Intel Manament Engine, cannot install z170 Sabertooth

I cannot install the Intel Management Engine Drivers for this board.The chipset drivers install,THe IME software from the driver download errors and said terminated permaturaly.Is there a way to install this? It's pretty important for the motherboar...

realtek drivers not working on z170 gaming pro(SOLVED)

i updated windows 10 10240 to 10581(something) the drivers not working but if i uninstall drivers microsoft audio works,Headphone front check cracking sound..please help..Edit.What i did is, i don't know this will work for all or not, the solution is...

Flank3r made an OC guide for us :)

Flank3r made a basic guide for fx processors. It's in another language but it still helps. He obviously some one that knows what there talking about lolhttp://youtu.be/Rrb2TxIg4o0

Video Card acting really strange

Hi everyone,My video card is really acting strange today. I couldn't seem to get it working at first but after:Repasting CPU, Repasting GPU & reseating everything, changing gpu cables, still gives me problems on bios level. I even updated the bios to...

Sound Blaster X-Fi 2 Utility for Maximus IV GENE ( Windows 8 )

The Maximus IV Gene motherboard has support for the Sound Blaster X-Fi 2 Utility on the Windows 7 driver downloads. The utility is absent from the Windows 8 driver download.Maximus IV GENE-Z driver downloadsThe utility version present for the IV down...

Wnivre by Level 7
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Maximus Hero VII - Time problem \ Battery dead ?

Hi,I purchased my Maximus Hero VII about 1 year and half ago. Is it possible that the battery is already dead ?Yesterday i noticed Windows 8.1 was somehow changing the time every now and then, setting it back exactly 2 hours. (I didn't change anythin...

Nite01 by Level 7
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Mouse jumps back to top of screen in BIOS

Feel stupid having to do this thread:IN BIOS my Mouse ( tried a few ) just jumps back to the top of the screenwhenever I try to open any of the options in the menu'sI have full optimisation ON as regards USB Mouse/KeyboardWould love to know what's ca...

950 Pro not detected by Sabertooth Z170

Hey,I installed a 950 Pro in the dedicated M.2 slot of the Z170 Sabertooth mobo, but the drive is not being detected.When I boot into BIOS, I can see my 850 Evo, but not the 950. I tried removing the 850, and tinkering with some bios settings, but wa...

b0gd4n by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula Z AMD 990FX No Boot Device Detected

When I boot my system up I am getting a random error that the system does not find a Boot Device ..... So I restart hit F2 go into the Bios, my drives are listed so I just press F10 save and the system restarts fine.My current Bios is 0704 this is an...